Mathler Is Your New Daily Must-Play Game

Wordle was one of the year’s biggest success stories, moving from nowhere into The New York Times within a month. Mathler is a math-based game that you should check out if you are more interested in numbers than words.

It is a blatant copy of Wordle’s design, color scheme, and how it shares results on social media. It proudly boasts that it is a daily maths puzzle inspired by Wordle at the top of its page.

Although they are similar in concept, Wordle is a little more complicated. Either that, or we are just not good with numbers.

What is Mathler?

Mathler (opens in a new window) is an easy game that can be enjoyed for free on its website. It does not have ads and can only be played once a day. Each new puzzle will appear at 7 p.m. ET (midnight GMT).

Wordle is different because you know the answer ahead of time. In this instance, it is a number. It would help if you solved the equation to get the number using the digits nine and the +,-,* and / operations in the six boxes.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are many ways to arrive at the correct answer in a given period. If the answer is 20, then it could be 1*5+15 or 30-8-2. The trick is in figuring out which path to take.

You get clues like Wordle: If a digit is correct, it will turn green. If it’s incorrect, it will turn yellow.

If you do it correctly, you’ll see the familiar pop-up listing your games played and success rate. It also lists your longest streak, guesses distribution, and longest streak. There’s also an option to share the solution, so the world can see how clever you are.

What are the Mathler rules?

Mathler, like Wordle (yes, we’ll say that a lot), is light on rules but heavy on simplicity.

  • The solution must be found in six attempts or less
  • Each equation must have a valid answer. If the answer is 20, your guess cannot be 50+5-2, as that doesn’t equal twenty. This is the hardest part about it.
  • You use the PEDMAS rule to solve equations. You must order them by parentheses, exponentials, and division.
  • The correct entry makes it green
  • Yellow is given to a wrong entry.
  • A wrong entry can make it gray
  • Digits, operations, and other mathematical concepts can be used multiple times

What is a good Mathler strategy for winning?

We have only played one game, so this bit will not take too long. We completed it in 4/6 guesses.

This suggests that working backward is the best strategy. What does that mean?

If you know the answer to 50, how can you get there? Let’s take a look at 10*5. The next step is to finish the first part of your equation so that you end up with 10. This equation would be 18-8*5 = 50.

However, several readers pointed this out to me, and it doesn’t follow PEDMAS, so that it won’t work.

Once you have settled on an equation that works but is not the solution, it will be slightly easier. You’ll realize that it may not feature an 8, but it does include a minus.

This makes it more difficult in one way because it narrows down the possible paths. Once you have ruled out several operations and digits, finding an equation that will work for your guests can be hard. To find the perfect solution, you must combine logic and luck, much like Wordle.

Math-based puzzles are plentiful online. Mathler appears to have the right difficulty level. It also uses the standard Wordle template, making it easy for people to learn. You can always visit our best Wordle alternative if you prefer to stick with word games.