Top 10 Most Expected Missing Features in Vanguard

Call of duty Vanguard did launch with a lot of multiplayer content. I have noticed that it feels like several different features are missing from the game currently. And I would love to see these added down the road. So that’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s article. To be clear, many of these features are likely just being held in the background, and they will be released over time since Call of Duty has moved over to more of a game as a service model.

And over the past couple of years, we’ve seen many of these features added throughout the year when they weren’t present at the launch. But that’s not going to stop me from mentioning these features because I feel they are essential.

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So hopping right in one of the extensive features that I was fully expecting to be in Vanguard, But isn’t there is

  • Firing Range

The firing range. And the reason I expected it so much this time around, even though we haven’t had it for the past couple of years, is that sort of the significant innovation that Sledgehammer brought to the Call of Duty franchise with their very first solo entry into Call of Duty with Advanced Warfare. They introduced the firing range for the first time, and it was a pretty big hit.

This also returned in CoD World War Two, Sledgehammer’s second title, so of course, I expected to see the firing range there for their third title. And unfortunately, it isn’t, and with so many unique attachments this time around, I feel like a firing range is more necessary than ever before in call of duty, and yet we still don’t have it. So I was a bit disappointed to see that it’s not there currently. And I do hope it’s one of those things we’ll be seeing down the road.

  • Saving Custom Blueprints

Speaking of all these crazy attachments and setups that we can make this time around. They’re crazier than we’ve ever seen in Call of Duty. Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot save our custom attachment combination. So once you have that perfect attachment combo for a particular gun, you can’t save that, and then when you want to apply it to a different class setup, it’s just saved there and ready to go with all of your favorite attachments.

You have to build it again from scratch, and it can be hard to remember that sometimes if you accidentally overwrite your favorite class setup, you may not remember which attachments he had on there, and you have to start from scratch with that. So again, this is another one of those features that I think is likely to be coming at some point, but I hope it’s going to be sooner rather than later, especially with how many different attachments we put on our guns this year.

  • Saving Custom Settings

Now something that’s quite related to that same topic of saving things and having that efficiency of being able to save our custom setups. Something that would be huge for me as somebody that does a ton of testing and custom games is the ability to save our custom match settings. I am aware that this is a feature that most people would never actually utilize. Many people never even play custom games, but it’s something I wanted to include on this list because it would go a long way for someone like me who does do a lot of that custom match testing. I need to get those settings perfect every time to get my testing done consistently and adequately.

  • Theater Mode

Moving on, let’s talk about a feature that is hit or miss for Call of Duty, and this is Theater Mode. Not to be fair when it came to theater mode this time around. I wasn’t expecting it to be in Vanguard, I was just hoping that they would bring it with Vanguard, and I feel theater mode should be one of those staple things. It’s just a part of every Call of Duty game, but that’s not the case. It’s hit or miss. It’s primarily just in Tray art games, especially recently. So who knows, maybe Theater Mode will never return to Call of Duty, but I just wanted to share it in today’s content.

It is one of those features that I’ve loved with Call of Duty in the past, and it’s simply not here for Vanguard.

  • Weapon Inspect

As for the next feature that has been heavily requested since the launch of Vanguard, I think many people were expecting it to be there. This is the in-game weapon inspection option. And this is a feature that started with modern warfare remastered; we also saw it in CoD World War Two, which was sledgehammers’ most recent Call of Duty game we saw in black ops for modern warfare as well as in Cold War. However, if I remember correctly, it wasn’t there at the Cold War launch; it did come down the road. And I suspect it’s going to be a similar story this time around. I feel like weapon inspection is likely in the works, and it’s something they will be adding down the road. Right now, we have our emo wheel where we can do emotes in-game we don’t have the weapon inspect option, so I feel like they’re just going to be adding it to that; we’ll see exactly how they did with Cold War.

  • Trophy System

As for the next thing on my list. This isn’t necessarily a feature. This is an actual in game item that I was hoping that we would see this time around for Vanguard and this is a trophy system or something that performs like a trophy system. Now I get the argument that this is a world war two setting any trophy system likely wouldn’t fit with that setting because it never really existed as far as I’m aware at least back in those days. But having said that, it’s pretty they’re not all that concerned about realism or history, at least for multiplayercal accuracy at most minuscule for multiplayer. I mean we’re in a world war two setting and we’re still playing Team A against Team B where twins are fighting against each other on different sides. And then if you have a look at the optic attachments, they’re just absolutely ridiculous for a world war two setting if we’re looking at actual authenticity. So I don’t think a trophy system as a field upgrade would really tip the scales and take it over the edge for people and push them away. And I do feel like it’s the type of thing that would overall improve the gameplay experience.

  • Party Modes

So the next one, this is something that I fully expect we will see at some point down the road. But again, I wanted to bring it up in this content because I hope it comes sooner rather than later. This is the addition of party game modes. As of right now, we’re still just one weekend. We’re in the preseason, and we just got the basic modes; now we don’t have anything too crazy. We don’t have any party-style game modes like gun game or infected or one in the chamber.

And I really hope these come soon because those are excellent modes for breaking up the monotony of regular multiplayer or a lot of the time, regular multiplayer becomes too stressful, or you’re not really interested in playing that super competitive, stressful experience. And you want to chill with friends and play something a little more laid back that’s just meant to be pure fun. So yeah, that’s something I hope they start introducing even with Season One.

  • Specialist

After that, let’s get into something that I’m looking forward to, and again, this is something I suspect will be added down the road. And this is specialist, and I’m not talking to specialists like in black ops for where you have hero abilities on your character.

I’m talking like the specialist strike package that was introduced in Modern Warfare three, where instead of getting your killstreak rewards, you can give those up and earn perks for going on a streak, so every two kills, for instance, you would get a different perk and you can select which order you earn those perks in and then once you get to something like an eight kill streak, you’ll get a specialist bonus which will give you access to every perk in the game as long as your streak is still going on.

This adds so much replayability and so much more depth to the gameplay experience. I love having the option to sacrifice my killstreak rewards to potentially gain every perk in the game. I love that feeling of hitting that specialist bonus and feeling kind of like a super-soldier but also knowing that at any moment if I get killed, I have to start from scratch and work my way back up. And this is something that’s actually in most Call of Duty. However, I did look back into this a little bit and I forgot that cod World War Two didn’t add the specialist bonus until June which was like eight months after the game launched.

And I hope we don’t see a repeat of that this time around, and Vanguard, I suspect it is something they have planned, and it’s in the works, and it will be coming in the future. But please don’t make us wait until June next year. This is something that I’m looking forward to, and I’m sure there are many other people out there as well, especially those without for those v2 rockets.

  • Map Voting

Moving on, another heavily requested feature that I’ve seen float around the community that we haven’t seen yet in Vanguard is the ability to vote for the next map. Now this one’s a little bit tricky since lobbies are disbanding, which is unfortunate. And that oftentimes means when you search for a game you don’t even really get the opportunity to sit in a lobby between matches. You get into a game, and then it starts up right away. But having said that, I still feel like having the ability to vote for maps for those that are waiting in a lobby that could go a long way into improving players experiences, especially with how many maps we have available in Vanguard at launch. I’ve noticed that even after a week of playtime, there are a few maps that I’ve only played a couple of times in an entire week of playing the game. And I’d like to play them a little bit more often. But I have zero control over that I can’t vote for any of the maps I plan. I just get into the lobby and if it happens to be that map, great if not too bad. I’m playing a different map. So it would be nice to at least have some control over that sometimes. And I do hope this is a feature they are willing to add.

I don’t think this is something they have planned, but it’s something that I hope we can see.

  • Daily/Weekly Challenges

Now almost through the lists. We just got a couple more to cover. One thing that I noticed isn’t there yet that we haven’t seen for quite some time and Call of Duty now his daily and weekly challenges. This is something that some people don’t care about. They don’t interact with at all. But for many people, love logging in every day and making sure they complete their daily challenges every day. And in doing so, you can be getting rewards like more double XP tokens, which is a high-value item that many people want to have. So it would be nice to have that extra layer of engagement on top of everything that’s already going on in the game for those that like those daily and or weekly challenges.

  • Visible Parties/Mercenary

And finally, there’s one last feature that I would like to see added, and honestly, I don’t even know if this is just bugged out and not working out the moment or if it’s intentionally left out. But something I’ve noticed while playing Vanguard is you can’t see when enemy players are partnered up together. The only real indication you’ll have is whether or not they’re using the same clan tag.

If they have the same clan tag, they’re likely playing together. And it’s interesting because they have the feature in the place where you can see who’s on your party; you have that little bar next to the names in the lobby. It’ll be like a green bar that will show everybody that’s in your party. But for some reason, at least at this point. I haven’t seen any indication of that displaying for enemy parties. And I think that’s just as important if not more important than seeing who’s in your party. So

you know what to expect going into that game. Is it going to be a much more difficult match because it looks like people are working together in a coordinated as a squad, or are you playing against a bunch of solo players and therefore you can probably relax a little bit or maybe grind one of those guns that are off meta in the games current state, you don’t really know until you get into the match and then you kind of figure it out for yourself. And unfortunately, this might be something that they are intentionally hiding to prevent people from backing out when they see a full party in the game.

So in that sense, I get it, but I also feel it is essential to be upfront about that so people can prepare accordingly when they get into a match. I guess a second part to that as well. I’d love to see in the future for Vanguard is a mercenary playlist, something that you can only play as a solo player. And that way if you play in that playlist, you know for sure you’re not playing against a party.

And with that, that’s gonna wrap it up for today’s content on the Top 10 features that I feel are missing from Vanguard and I’d love to see added down the road. Now, of course, this is just my list. I’d like to hear from you guys in the comment section below. Is there any other feature or item in the game that you’d like to see added to Vanguard in the future? And also, what do you think about the things that are on my list? Just let me know down below if you enjoyed the content; the same rating is always appreciated. And don’t forget, subscribe for more if you haven’t already. I’ll talk to you guys next time.

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