Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 All Killstreaks

Modern Warfare 2 All Killstreaks are among the most outstanding features of Call of Duty, and obviously, they’ll return to Modern Warfare 2. The two previous CoDs included killstreaks in later versions of the game, but we’ll focus on the ones included in the game upon launch.

Everyone in Call of Duty player loves killstreaks. There’s no more incredible feeling than slaying your adversaries using an AC-130 or going on a nuke hunt using an UAV and a VSAT. Killstreaks with a good reputation can make CoD much more enjoyable. Vanguard did not have the best killstreaks at launch, but it did provide some excellent ones later in its lifespan.

Officially, no killstreaks are yet confirmed to be in Modern Warfare 2, but we know that UAVs will be present in Modern Warfare 2. Let’s look at some leaks that will be part of Modern Warfare 2.

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All Killstreaks In Modern Warfare 2

This is a list of all known and leaked killstreaks coming in MW2.

Killstreak Description Kills(estimates)
UAV Pings enemies that aren’t using ghost on your minimap 3 or 4
Fuel Bomb A predator-type rocket that you can control that drops from the sky 5
Smoke Airdrop Something similar to the weapon drop in MW2019, basically useless 4
Thermobaric Strike It could be similar to an airstrike or behave like a napalm bomb 5 or 7
Cluster Spike Looks like the IMS from MW3 and Ghosts, basically a bouncing betty with four charges 5
Counter UAV This hasn’t been leaked or confirmed, but surely we can expect this streak to be in the game. UAV that blocks the enemy minimap 4
Care Package This also hasn’t been leaked or confirmed, but have we ever seen a CoD without the care package? A package that is dropped from the sky, containing a random killstreak 4
B-2 Stealth Bomber Probably will act like any other bombing run we saw in previous CoD’s 8-10

These killstreaks have been released or used in almost every CoD we have and do not require confirmation. Based on the Thermobaric Strike, you may have a glimpse of Airstrike within the game. There’s also likely to be some helicopter streak in the game. I would like to see the stealth chopper from BO2 return, which was an impressive streak.

We’ll keep this list updated as streaks are revealed or leaked and announced. What are you hoping to be able to see in MW2? Do you think the Nuke will come back? We’re excited to find out what Infinity Ward has planned.