Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Beta | Registration, Release Date & Start Time

Modern Warfare 2 is just around the corner and the Modern Warfare 2 Beta is not far away either. Here’s an overview of the MWII beta, including the release date, the registration process, and the content you’ll be able to play.

A long-time awaited Modern Warfare II is now in sight. It’s not a distant vision anymore. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s a sign that we’re moving close to the Beta testing phase.

A leaker from the past, we have the first details about how the beta playtest will be arranged and the kind of content you’ll be able to test. We’ve got the details to date.

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When Is The Modern Warfare 2 Beta?

Beta dates has been revealed, and it is believed to begin in September 2022. As usual, PlayStation players will have an access code to beta one week earlier, and those pre-ordered will be able to start two days before. Below are the exact times for this beta version of the MWII beta:

We’re all thrilled about the beta; of course, there’s some doubt in the gaming community. MWII will be officially launched on October 28, which means that the beta test will occur within a month of the release date. Naturally, this poses the question of whether the developers will have enough time to incorporate user feedback.

However, there’s an alpha version before that, so let’s all hope that the developers will implement the critique at the very minimum.

How Do You Register For The Modern Warfare II Beta?

The beta will open to the public, and isn’t required to sign up. You will need to be able to install the beta application once it’s accessible on your platform. But, you can join the beta a few days earlier than the rest of the players if you pre-order the game.

How To Get A Free Beta Code

If you’re not keen to order the game ahead of time to access the beta version, you can attempt to land beta codes. The CDL has already announced that they’ll be giving away 50,000 beta codes during the CDL champions that begin on August 4. All you need to do is join your Activision accounts on YouTube, sign up for a YouTube account, and cross your fingers.

Another method to obtain an unrestricted beta code is to participate in contests. In general, you can find the officially-owned CoD Twitter account will give the beta codes to those who sign up. If not, it’s likely to be any other content creator who works for Call of Duty, so the odds of receiving an actual code are not that high.

What Will You Get To Play During The MWII Playtests?

This leak is due to Ralph, who claims we’ll get to play the following games during playtests for Modern Warfare 2 playtests:

It’s the same thing as Modern Warfare 2019’s playtesting and Vanguards in 2021. We’re sure that this is accurate.

We’ll let you know whenever we receive more details about the upcoming beta and alpha playtest events.