Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 | Everything You Need To Know

Vanguard is becoming dull, and we’re all waiting eagerly to see Modern Warfare 2. Luckily, we’ve already received official details about the coming CoD 2022 game and are bombarded with news leaks on Reddit or Twitter nearly daily. Indeed, you do not have the time or desire to explore the Internet alone, so we’ve summarized all of the vital information regarding Modern Warfare 2 for you in this article.

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Modern Warfare 2: Trailer

We have also seen two trailers from the official website for Modern Warfare 2. A trailer that reveals the game and a debut gameplay trailer. Below, you will find an official Reveal Trailer, and here’s the URL for the game’s Modern Warfare 2 gameplay trailer.

Modern Warfare 2: Beta

The HTML0 Modern Warfare 2 beta will begin in September 2022. As usual, PlayStation gamers will have access to the beta one week ahead of time, and those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to begin the beta two days earlier. Here are the official times for when the MWII beta:

Platform Early Access
Open Beta
PlayStation only September 15-16, 2022 September 17-19, 2022
Cross-Play (all platforms) September 22-23, 2022 September 24-26, 2022

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Modern Warfare 2: Editions

MWII is available for purchase in 3 distinct versions. The three editions are all available to pre-order and include cosmetics that can already be utilized in Warzone.

  • Standard Edition
  • Cross Gen Bundle
  • Vault Edition

The two earlier editions are easy to understand; however, Vault Edition is the ultimate version of MWII. In addition to playing the game, it comes with The Battle Pass with 50-tier skips, early access to the beta, and many exclusive cosmetics.

Modern Warfare 2: New Features

One of the most significant new features could be that Call of Duty is returning to Steam in the form of Modern Warfare 2. Following the franchise’s move from to and with Modern Warfare 2019, Call of Duty will return to Steam in the form of Modern Warfare II. Here’s the official tweet by the game platform:

Naturally, it will receive a new engine and launch with a slider for FOV(Field of View) for consoles. Although this might mean little to some, it is something that console gamers have a lot of hopes for each year.

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Another new and exciting feature is an editor for maps. According to reports, it will allow players to edit maps easily by using an editor for maps. In the editor, you’ll be able to alter the locations of spawn, objectives, and restrictions on weapons, as well as other aspects. Additionally, containers or crates can change the scenery and its properties. Once you’ve done these modifications, they’ll be confirmed and checked to prevent non-playable maps.

In addition to these options, there’ll be new features for movement. For instance, we can climb up and down structures and so on in MWII. Diving and swimming should be possible in MWII. Furthermore, there are first reports that slide canceling will not be able to function as it did in the previous games. This mechanic is supposed to be utilized more as an escape mechanism and no longer to be used for pushing aggressively.

Modern Warfare 2: Release Date

Modern Warfare II will release on the 28th of October 2022. However, If you opt to pre-order digitally, you’ll be able to play the game starting on the 20th of October. Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War came out in mid-November, early November, and mid-November, respectively. MWII is expected to be available earlier than the norm.

Modern Warfare 2: Campaign

Naturally, Modern Warfare II will be a thrilling campaign. The campaign will involve us in a battle against the drug cartels of South America and will also bring back familiar characters in the Modern Warfare franchise. According to reports, during the game, we’ll be able to communicate with and give instructions to our soldiers and make choices that affect the plot.

The first images of the characters who will be on screen in Modern Warfare II:

Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer

We currently have leaks, but there is no official announcement about the multiplayer. Based on Tom Henderson, the reveal of the multiplayer will not begin until the start of September, just before the beta launch. So let’s look at what’s been released via leaks thus far.


The multiplayer maps of MWII are expected to feel much more “traditional” and stick to the Infinity Ward feeling. Furthermore, some well-known games from MW2 will be recreated. Below are the maps that we have to date:

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When it comes to guns, we’ll have a variety of assault weapons, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, DMRs, as well as pistols, knives, launchers, and melee weapons. If you’re interested in knowing more about the weapons, we have an additional article on weapons and attachments in MWII.

Modern Warfare II’s brand new Gunsmith exceptionally will be thrilling, given the sense that we’ll return to the standard five weapon attachments, but with an incredible variety of possibilities to tailor particular parts of the weapon according to the style we play. Here’s a close review of the new system:

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Like in every CoD game, there will obviously, be many options to improve your weapon. The exact number isn’t yet established; however, we can be sure it will get much more complicated.

Game Modes

Game modes are the classic ones you know and love, such as Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Demolition, Search & Destroy, etc. The famous gunfight 2v2 game mode will be back. So we can expect an old-fashioned CoD with many thrilling game modes and several exciting Gunfight Tournaments.


As with everything else, the perks of MWII have been revealed already; like every other year, there are no major surprises here. There are a variety of well-known perks, such as Ghost, Amped, Overkill, or EOD. There is a complete review of all benefits here:

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Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are also coming back in MWII. There will be gadgets such as tactical cameras, decoy mines that trigger a soldier Dummy, or a DDOS device that works as an EMP. The complete list of improvements to field technology that we’ve seen to date is available here:

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Killstreaks will always be included in MWII as there is nothing more thrilling than a great multikill that allows you to unlock a Chopper gunner. An UAV and a bomb that can be controlled are a part of the game. There is speculation of a napalm attack as well as an invisibility bomber. Here we have put together all the details to help you understand:

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Ranked Play

Modern Warfare 2 will also feature the Ranked Play mode that is believed to be coming sooner this time. It was the case in past games that Ranked Play was often launched months after the release date. However, according to the most recent news, MWII will get its Ranked Play mode shortly after launch. Below you will find additional information:

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To provide skilled and novice players with a fun playing experience MWII continues to feature SBMM, also known as Skill Based Matchmaking. The degree of rigor it will become is not yet determined, but it will certainly be a system to match players according to their skill level. In Vanguard, the way it worked was according to the following:

DMZ: The Third Mode In MWII

MW2019 was released with the multiplayer, campaign, and Spec Ops. MWII is set to replace Spec Ops mode with a new game mode known as DMZ. Not much is available about the new mode currently, but it’s expected to function similarly to Escape from Tarkov or Hazard Zone from Battlefield 2042.

While it was initially speculated about the possibility that DMZ Mode would be released as a free-to-play, outsourced release in 2023, we know it will be released shortly after the MWII release, likely in 2023. Still, it will not be a free-to-play game. Like Spec Ops and Zombies, it will be a part of Modern Warfare 2 as a third mode.

How Does DMZ Work?

The objective of DMZ is to discover and take the loot. Players can take loot from bodies, buildings, vehicles, and crates. They can also collect the loot in various locations on the map, at the very least, if they have completed the required prerequisites. If you die, you can be removed from the map and robbed of all their equipment.

There is also a “bazaar that allows you to meet with various AI merchants to exchange your loot or earn quests.

The Gunsmith game in DMZ is built on a points system, which means you must purchase attachments to earn points. These points are earned through playing. According to a leak, However, weapons can also be traded for points.

Will Modern Warfare 2 Be Integrated Into Warzone?

Modern Warfare II will not be integrated into the existing Warzone; however, it will become an integral element of Warzone 2, which is expected to be released after the year following the launch of MWII. We are aware we know that Warzone 2 will get a map that will be based on the world in Modern Warfare II and will likely include some of the weapons, features, and other features. from MWII.

Will There Be A Modern Warfare III?

No. In the words of leaker Ralph, Modern Warfare II will be the final game of the rebooted series, and the company plans to concentrate on new games soon. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, things will likely change quickly. There is already discussion about whether Call of Duty will not ever be released every year in the future. Xbox exclusivity could be in the pipeline too.

Notice: Keep in mind that most of the information above is from leaks! Certain features may alter before the release date on the 28th of October.