Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 New Gadgets & Field Upgrades

Modern Warfare 2 New Gadgets & Field Upgrades have been announced to play Modern Warfare 2, and they sound incredible modern and high-tech. But are they offering too plenty of free information?

From the beginning, we knew that Modern Warfare 2 would be a technologically advanced setting. The clue is in the title. Nevertheless, we were stunned when we watched the Modern Warfare 2 unveiled trailer and got the scoop on the new technology.

Infinity Ward is going all out to provide players with more tactical experience. That includes inflatable decoys with throwable camera systems. We’re not sure that the players in the CoD community will be awed by all this, and it’s possible to play an unintentional game with the CDL, but we’ll keep our judgment for a time. This article will provide readers with an outline of new equipment and field upgrades and the functions each accomplishes.

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New Field Upgrades & Gadgets In Modern Warfare 2

A number of new pieces of equipment have been revealed for Modern Warfare 2, and they all sound alarmingly high-tech:

  • Tactical Camera: This is basically a home security camera that can be thrown at a wall. Once it’s been thrown you can view the camera and keep a lookout. If your team have thrown multiple cameras, they will link up and then the person checking cams will be able to switch between all the cameras like in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Inflatable Decoy Mine: This sounds truly bizarre. The mine will “detonate” when someone walks past, and inflate what look like a fake soldier. You can also set this off remotely, but we don’t yet know how realistic the blow-up soldier will be.
  • DDOS: Basically this is an EMP device that temporarily disables electronics and vehicles. Once the effect is over vehicle drivers will need to press to start their engines again.
  • Drill Charge: This is a grenade that drills through the wall and blows up the other side. It’s easy to hear, but it should help shake up campers. Also, you can throw them on to enemy vehicles, and it will kill the players inside but won’t damage the vehicle itself.
  • Battle Rage: Experimental Stimulant that gives you an adrenaline rush. Health regenerates quickly, Tactical Equipment is resisted, and Tactical Sprint is constantly refreshed.
  • Stim Pistol: We don’t have a description for this field upgrade yet, but we can assume it will work just like the stim pistol from Rainbow Six Siege. You can shoot teammates from a distance and heal them. Doesn’t sound that useful, but in R6 you were able to use it as a self revive or revive teammates. Being able to shot someone that is downed in Warzone and instantly reviving them from a distance, does sound kind of nutty and OP.
  • Sound Veil: This is some sort of jammer that you can place, but instead of blocking a part of the enemy mini map, this is supposed to cover up sound, so basically your footsteps. How exactly this is supposed we don’t know, but it does sound very interesting.
  • Sonar Pulse: This will be like the portable radar from MW3. I don’t know how this will fair in a modern CoD, but even back in the day, this was super powerful.

These types of devices will produce 200iq sounds. For that, we’re very grateful; however, they’re all quite strong. Also, if you want to be proud of us, Infinity Ward provides a hard counter for these pups.

This is all there is to discuss this aspect in Modern Warfare 2. Because of this new engine, we’re learning a lot about the game every day, and there are plenty of new gameplay features and improvements to anticipate. While you’re here, why don’t take a look at the other exciting new developments of the past few days: