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7 Most Popular Simulation Games Of The Year

Ever feel tired of the same old routine every day? Want a temporary escape from reality?

If that is you, then games can do that for you. More specifically, simulation games as they allow the player to immerse themselves in a simulated environment inside a game. Simulation games can come in many forms, with simulations available for countless scenarios or environments. All the best simulation games have in common: they allow the player to get lost in the game and feel like they are in that world.

With so many simulation games available, we will look at the seven most popular games this year.

Animal crossing

A series that has been around for over a decade, the popularity of animal crossing never seems to fade. Animal Crossing is a game set in a village where the player lives in that village alongside animals with human traits. The game has been lauded for its real-time features in which the game can simulate the actual passage of time using the player’s console. There isn’t a set objective, so the player can play by spending time in the village and exploring around looking for tasks. A critical feature of the game is the degree of customization available, which makes it the player’s objective to try to improve their character and their house as much as possible.

Cities: Skylines

Released back in 2015, Cities: Skylines remains the most popular city building simulator available. The game’s premise is simple, build your city, with players having complete control of how they want their city built. Cities: Skylines is a very intricate game. The player starts with an empty plot of land and must build up their city, managing their resources carefully by paying attention to even the smallest of details.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

An open-world truck simulator game, Euro truck simulator 2 is one of the largest open-world games available. The game was released a decade ago in 2012 but has seen a lot of changes over time. The game has a never-ending playstyle in which the player delivers cargo from one place to another across Europe. The player can buy more vehicles and depots as he progresses and hire drivers that can also deliver the goods. The game allows the player to experience things a real-life truck driver would. The player needs to manage many aspects of his truck, like fuel and maintenance. Over the game’s lifecycle, it has added nearly all European countries into the game except a few, using downloadable content (DLC).

Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you take up residence on your grandfather’s old farm and grow and maintain a farm. You are tasked with doing most things a farmer would do, with there always being something to explore in the game’s world.

The game was released in 2016, but it has seen content added like a co-op mode in which players can enjoy the game alongside other players.

Sims 4

Probably the most popular franchise on the list, Sims 4 is the fourth instalment in the main series of Sims games. The premise is straightforward, as the player creates a character and manages all aspects of its life, with their actions impacting their character and other characters around them. Over time the series has seen content added as more and more tasks are introduced, but the game’s core has remained the same.


iRacing is considered by many to be the most realistic racing simulator there is. This game might not be for everyone due to its hyper-realistic car mechanics and difficulty. However, it remains the most popular racing sim for people looking for a realistic simulator. The other popular games in this genre are Project Cars 2 and Automobilista 2, all with similar amounts of players to it. The game allows players to experience what it feels like to drive a racing car, be it rallying, formula 1, etc.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It is a very realistic simulation game; the Flight simulator perfectly captures what it feels like to pilot a place without being in a plane. The details in this game are very exact as you have to consider all the factors that would apply when looking at piloting a plane in real life. The premise is simple. You can fly around with any plane and experience all the elements you would in real life.

Is it worth getting into simulation games?

Simulation games aren’t games that will attract everyone, but for people looking for an immersive experience, then simulation games are perfect for you. Simulation games can be very enjoyable to play. Still, they can also be very useful as many can give you a taste of the real thing. Not all simulation games are designed to be realistic, but many simulation games that mimic a real-life sport or activity try to be as close as possible. Even actual pilots and drivers use simulators for practice. For example, a chess match simulation can help a chess player prepare for real chess tournaments.

The ability to experience new things that you won’t be able to in real life makes simulation games a fascinating genre to get into.