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How to Move Faster in Vanguard

Today we’re going to be having a deep look at the lightweight perk versus the double-time purge in Call of Duty Vanguard. I’ve had many people asking me which one is a better overall way to Move Faster in Vanguard effectively and which is better in various situations.

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So that’s what we’re going to be looking at today. And starting it off. Let’s talk about a brief overview of how these perks are different since they’re in the same slot, and they both help you move around the map faster.

  • Perk – Lightweight

When it comes to the lightweight perk, this one gives you a flat increase to your movement speed across the board, and generally speaking, this turned out to be a 6% increase to your movement speed, which is actually a pretty powerful, lightweight perk in the past with some Call of Duty games. Their lightweight perk would only help by like 3% or 4%. This one is pretty noticeable.

  • Perk – Double Time

Then when it comes to double-time, this one doubles your tack sprint duration, and it also allows you to have a 30% Faster crouch movement speed, which we will look at in a little bit. Now there are a few other things as well as fascinating results I got with slide canceling. So let’s dive right into it.

Base Movement Speed

Started with our base movement speed. So this is without sprinting; we’re just moving as fast as possible while standing. And we can see here the lightweight perk does allow you to move 6% faster and with the double-time hurt as expected. This doesn’t change your base movement speed at all. As for sprinting, Sprint is a multiplier off of base movement. It turns out that with a lightweight; we get around about 8% Faster rather than just 6% faster, so you even get an extra benefit while sprinting.

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And surprisingly, with the double-time perk, we can move around the map about 2% faster than our base movement speed. So it’s not even close to being as good as a lightweight in this department. But it is worth noting because this isn’t mentioned anywhere in the perk description. Double time will help you a little bit just with standard sprinting as well.

As for our tactical Sprint, keep in mind that this will depend on the distance you’re covering. I was testing on a 40-meter distance. So with this one, I wasn’t using any slide cancel or anything. I would start on my 40-meter distance with a tactical sprint until it ran out, and then I would continue with a regular sprint for the rest of the distance.

So these movements speed values are average over that 40 meters while doing this. And when it comes to lightweight, it’s surprisingly wasn’t that much faster than just using no movement perks at all. We only covered that 40-meter distance about 3.7% faster.

And then, with double-time, I was also quite surprised to see we only covered this distance 4.7% faster. So these are still going to be helping you, of course, with tactical Sprint, but surprisingly at least in a 40-meter distance. These didn’t help that much compared to base movement.

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Now let’s move on to the exciting result that I found in my testing here. This is using tack sprint with slide canceling involved. I was using the same technique that was used in modern warfare for this. Perhaps somebody has found or will find in the future some better movement technique, but I was just interested in testing this one out. With no moving perks, you will be getting around the map quite a bit faster was slide canceling, then with lightweight, we get around about 6.6% faster again, this is covering a 40-meter distance. And very surprisingly, with double-time, I was only covering that 40 meters, about 3.8% Faster than without any movement perks.

Lightweight with slide canceling is more effective than double-time with slide canceling, which was an astonishing result. And this is something I tested multiple times because it just didn’t seem right to me, but with numerous tests, I saw the same trend every single time lightweight is more effective than double-time if you slide canceling.

As I said, somebody may discover some new movement mechanic that allows you to get around the map even faster. And that might change things, but as of right now, it’s looking like lightweight will give you the most advantages for covering distances, at least in regular multiplayer with the relatively shorter distances that we’re covering.

But that’s not it. I also wanted to have a look at the crutch we’ve been speed to make sure that the double-time perk is doing what it’s supposed to do. And what I found with this one is we still move 6% faster with lightweight, so we’re still getting a benefit while crouch walking. And with double time, the description is accurate. We get a 30% boost to our crouch movement speed.

And finally, we have one last movement mechanic I wanted to test, and this is aim down sight movement speed. I was curious to see if these perks had any impact on that. And once again, lightweight gives us our 6% faster movement speed, and double time didn’t change anything here, which was no surprise, but this goes to show that lightweight is always working for you. It’s always going to be helping you no matter what when it comes to movement speed, whereas double time is more situational.

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Before doing these tests, I assumed that lightweight would be better if you were covering short distances; you weren’t tack sprinting or slide canceling the lats and then double time would be better for longer distances and slide canceling. But it turns out lightweight is even better than the double-time at slide canceling. So, in my opinion, lightweight is the clear winner here.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t particular situations where double time will be advantageous, like if you’re crouch walking, for instance, obviously double time is significantly better at doing that. And then also if you happen to be covering a particular distance from one piece of cover to another, that’s the exact distance where the double-time tack sprint without longer duration will allow you to tactical Sprint the whole way between point A and point A B. In contrast, without double time, you can’t tax Sprint that entire distance.

Again in that situation. Double time will be just a little bit better than lightweight but not by a large enough margin that I would say double time is worth using in regular multiplayer.

So there we have it. That’s going to wrap up today’s article; in my opinion, lightweight is the clear winner when it comes to this comparison. And I don’t see myself ever using double-time, actually; it’s going to be lightweight if I am using one of these two perks.

Now, of course, that is just my opinion based on my testing and the data that I’ve collected here. I’d like to hear in the comments section below. First up, Do you guys agree with me? Do you think lightweight is generally the better option? And second, were you surprised by any of these results, especially with slide canceling, because it personally surprised me quite a bit.

Hopefully, this content helped you guys out; if it did, let me know by dropping a comment using the comment section down below.

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