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Top 5 Most OVERPOWERED Guns In Call Of Duty


AK-74u Loadout Warzone

Number four on this list is arguably tied with the MP5 from my favorite weapon in the game, but I’ll probably give it the second spot, and that is the AK-74u. This gun was insanely good throughout the year, even nerfs, buffs, whatever you did to it. It was excellent. It was the king of all weapons, in my opinion. It was nice, good solid range, good up close, good at everything, but the MP5 feels more fun to use for some reason.

  1. Muzzle – Muzzle Brake 5.45
  2. Stock – No Stock
  3. Barrel – 10.3″ Task Force
  4. Underbarrel – Spetsnaz Grip
  5. Magazine – VDV 50 Rnd Fast Mag

Anyway, the first thing you want to run is the muzzle brake 5.45 for vertical recoil control. The barrel is the 10.3-inch Task Force, and again you get 8% damage. That’s a crazy buff right there, and you have 50% effective damage range and 75% bullet velocity, really lovely to have No Body; we don’t need it.

The under-barrel is the Spetsnaz Grip, and luckily for us, we do get vertical recoil and horizontal recoil control on this one right here, so I don’t get why the AK-47 doesn’t give that; I guess it would be too powerful if they did, but I wish they did the fight.

The final or second to last attachment is the magazine, which is the VDV 50 Round Fast Mag. That’s great; you reload fast; you get a lot of bullets more than the MP5, which I wish the MP5 were 50 Rnd Mag. I don’t get why it was 40, But that’s alright.

The stock is going to be the No Stock once again because that sprinter fire time to me is super important, sprinter fire is arguably more critical than ADS speed; you want that because once you’re sprinting, once you stop sprinting, if you see someone you could start hip firing almost instantly, and most likely get the kill, so it’s perfect to have, I love it, so go ahead and use it.