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Can You Use Your PUBG Mobile Account On PS4



PUBG has become the biggest loved game of the moment, and the buzz is genuine. It is available for download across major smartphones, PCs, and Xbox platforms. However, the game was unavailable on a single big gaming device. Tencent did not launch the game for PlayStation 4, which was an unsatisfying experience for all PlayStation 4 owners. Not having the most awaited game on the device was an absolute disappointment, and PS4 owners demanded the game.

It’s not like the developers were completely ignoring PS4. The team was developing the launch of PUBG for PS4. The tireless efforts of the team working on the game have paid off for console owners. Tencent announced the official launch of PUBG to PS4. It’s true, real, and the game’s available to download. All PS4 gamers can download PUBG to their device and begin the multiplayer game. We’ve developed a comprehensive guideline to provide the advantages of PUBG on PS4. Additionally, we’ll describe all the new features in the PS4 version of PUBG.

Pubg PS4 Price & Size:

The most-awaited moment is here as pudgy was officially launched on PlayStation 4. The first thing every PlayStation owner is looking for is price. What is the cost of PUBG PS4? We’ve had numerous inquiries regarding this. That’s why we’ve put together this post to review every detail of this game. PS4 edition in the game.

The cost of PUBG PS4 Version begins at $29. This is a reasonable price and in comparison to other competitors. The game can be downloaded by following the steps below. We have received numerous questions such as, “Is there any possible way to download PUBG PS4 for free?” Indeed, there are not a lot of costs to obtain an access to the PS4 version PUBG at no charge. It might sound unpleasant, but it’s actually since the game is available for purchase for all platforms, except for mobile.


What is the download size for this PS4 version of the game PUBG? The answer could be quite frightening for many. The size of the downloaded game is huge, 33 GB. It is among the biggest games available, and it will require lots of time on the internet to download the game. Additionally, it will take you a long time to download it. If you are seeking an internet-friendly method of downloading the game, you will find it in our below section. We have listed the process that PUBG to PS4 can be downloaded with no loss of internet.

PUBG for PS4 Gameplay:

The gameplay is identical to the versions that are available on various platforms. The entire game’s structure and gameplay that you can expect from Pubg PS4 remain the same. This means you’ll enjoy the same game choices and maps. To learn more about the game, you can read our Pubg guide for beginners. You’ll be dropped on an island that contains around a hundred players. The entire game is present, and it’s an online game.

Take a trip on the island and explore the different zones and houses that hold items like guns and other items. It would be best if you then fought for survival. The player who can survive and the rest of the players on the island will be declared the winner. It’s a lot like the games you have played with other systems. It is necessary to become accustomed to Pubg PS4 controller to get the.

You can join the other three players to form an entire team. Then, you’ll be able to jump onto the island to begin by fighting hard with your teammates. We all know that Pubg is most enjoyable when played in a group. There are a variety of game options. For example, The Classic version gives access to four maps of Erangel. The Classic version is a 30-minute long game. In addition, you can change into arcade mode when you don’t have 30 minutes to play simultaneously. You can play games with short durations such as mini-zone, war or mini-zone. It can be as little as eight minutes. Therefore, Airtel is a great option for those who don’t have much time to play games.

The number of players is different in every version. For instance:


Pubg for PS4 Maps:

There are four maps available on the PS4 version of PUBG. These include Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Vikendi is an ice map and the most recent version of the game. Each map comes with distinct properties. You can check out our article on Best Maps for PUBG Maps to know more regarding the location of each map. There are various locations on the maps, and each town has its distinct feature.

We have attempted explaining this in our previous blog, and you can look them up. After you’ve mastered every map, you can decide to make a landing in a certain area. Some places are popular with gamers, and you being an inexperienced player, can avoid the situation. In addition, there are locations on the maps where you can purchase guns and other equipment quickly. Therefore, exploring all PUBG maps for PS4 maps is crucial. It’s like the different versions across various.

Pubg For PS4 Free Download:

Many players seek out different ways and deals to download access to Pubg PS4 for free. But, there’s no way to download the game at no cost on PS4. Sure, you could participate in various promotions and get the game free. There isn’t an official trick or offer that gives you access to the game at discounted prices. Some websites offer links to downloading the game at no cost. Beware these websites since these links are not legitimate and are spam. When you click on them, you can download harmful feelings like viruses to your device. The only way to download the game is to follow the steps below.

PS4 PUBG Graphics:

The graphics of this PS4 version of the game is in line with the expectations. We are all aware that the game comes with various settings based on the specifications of the game console. For instance, you’ll have three specifications options within the PUBG mobile game. Low settings will be intended for devices that do not have enough power. The high and medium settings are designed specifically for devices that can handle these settings. We recommend players play PUBG at Lite if they don’t possess a top-quality device.

In the same way, PS4 also contains these options. But, it’s not certain that PS4 is among the best consoles around the globe. Therefore, it can operate at the highest level, providing the finest graphics. It can run every major game such as Asphalt, Fortnite and others. We played PUBG on PS4 with stunning graphics. Breathtaking. Each inch has the best colour output. The audio is also real, and you’ll love it when you use high-quality headphones. So download the game to enjoy the brand new edition of this game.


Pubg PS4 Game Review:

Pubg PS4 version is flawless, and there aren’t any issues you’ll encounter within the game. The graphics we saw appeared superior to what we had hoped for. The sound quality can also be up to level and is truly enjoyable to play with headphones. The game starts as usual, and you’ll have to sign in or log up. You can log in with your credentials if registered on a pubg account. You can, however, select the sign-up option to create a new account if you haven’t played the game.

The game’s lobby is typical PC kind, and the game after is the same. You can pick different clothes from the outfits available in the game. It’s a blast for those who are brand new. It may require some time to become familiar with the game, as adjusting the buttons to get them firing quickly is crucial. It shouldn’t take more than a week for you to become completely comfortable with this new game system.

How to Download Pubg on PS4?

The first thing to be thought of in the minds of gamers is how to download PUBG to play on PlayStation. There are a variety of methods of installing the game for PlayStation 4. In the same way, the game can be downloaded and installed PUBG by following a variety of procedures. You can install the game by visiting the retailer and paying single-time charges. This isn’t ideal for everyone since it will require much data to install the game through the retailer.

Users can instead use a different method to download the game on PS4. PUBG CDs are available through various online retailers like Amazon. So, buying the CD through Amazon and installing the game on PS4, which is on the CD, would be an ideal choice for gamers who don’t want to dispose of the data pack. There’s virtually nothing different in the price regardless of platform. However, using the Amazon discount coupon or cashback offers can provide you with a current discount on the price. We advise gamers to purchase a PUBG CD on PS4 through Amazon directly.

The first response to this question is yes. If you begin considering the matter, there may be different opinions on the final decision. For instance, it’s unnecessary If you have already played the game on a PC. The gameplay is identical to the PUBG PC. This means it’s not the best option to pay extra money to play the exact title on PS4. The cost of the game is about $30. This is a decent amount and could cost you half of your cash. So playing on a PC is the better choice.


However, this isn’t the case if you’re playing the game using PUBG. The experience of the game on the PC and the PS4 version is distinct from PUBG mobile. There are two worlds between the mobile versions and the PS4 version. You likely purchased PUBG for PS4 If you’re in the process of enjoying PUBG mobile. The reason is that it’s a great experience. The console provides you with more strength to battle opponents. Thus switching to this PS4 version is an excellent choice for PUBG portable and PUBG lightweight players.

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Does PUBG Have Proximity Chat



Does PUBG Have Proximity Chat? Online shooter games such as PUBG require immersion to be successful. Being aware of your surroundings and where your fellow players are is important. It’s why proximity chat is so important. You can hear the voices of other players nearby. It is a common feature.

Does PUBG Have Proximity Chat versions of Xbox One or PS4?

Pubg doesn’t support proximity chat on gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 2. The PC version of battle royale supports proximity voice chat. This is bad news if you are a PS4 or Xbox One user. PUBG has not yet released a version for consoles that supports proximity chat. The PC version of BR has a chat feature that allows players to chat in real-time.

No evidence of updates suggests that voice chat will be added to the next update.

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Interestingly, a few PUBG fans started a petition in the past that forced the PUBG Corporation, which makes up the majority of the Xbox One gaming consoles, to implement the chat feature. The PUBG-owned Twitter account tweeted that the voice feature is not planned for Xbox One players. The same can be said for the PS4, another gaming console. There are still unethical ways to use the PUBG proximity chat.

What is proximity chat in pubg?

Before we get to the main part of this article, let’s first learn about the proximity chat feature in PUBG. The proximity voice feature allows players from different teams to chat over the game in a small space. If you’re running toward enemies, you may be able to have a voice conversation if your microphone is connected to the rest of the world.

Pubg is a multiplayer last-standing game. A chat feature uses proximity voice, but it only works for the PC version. Users of gaming consoles will have to use the traditional methods if they want to use this feature. Pubg proximity chat allows 100 players to communicate in real-time. However, there are some limitations. These restrictions are easy to follow. Players must be in close proximity to one another to communicate. Those who wish to use the Pubg proximity voice feature should also turn on the option of “World” to allow them to access the PUBG chat.

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How do I enable PUBG Proximity Chat?

This article/guide will cover the most important parts of this article. This article will cover all the steps in enabling chat of nearness in PUBG. Wait!! Wait!! Wait! The distance between you and your enemy will likely not exceed 50 meters. Communication will be impossible if a player or enemy is more than 100 meters from you.


You may have seen trolling from the voice on the world chat to make humor in intense and serious gaming. If so, those players were using proximity chat which allows them to communicate with players on the world mic/chat.

You can now find the solution to your problem by reading the following points.

  • Browse to the “Settings” section. There you will find the “Sounds” tab.
  • You’ll find the “Voice Channel” option under the Sound tab.
  • You can use the “ALL” option to communicate with enemies or other players in the Pubg game.

PUBG Pushes to Talk

There is also an option to “Push To Talk,” which I prefer. Some users don’t want a button on the initiative mic. In these cases, developers at PUBG Inc. created the Push to Talk button.

You have chosen to use the assigned key or button on the keyboard to access this feature. It would be best if you now went to the “Control” tab above the “Sound” tab. You’ll find the “Push To Talk” button under the “Control” tab. You can choose any key you like or need in this section. Once you have selected a key, it can be used to initiate communication via voice by pressing or pushing the key.

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How to turn off proximity chat in PUBG

We’ll show you how to disable chat on different operating systems. For your solution, follow the steps below. We’ll show you how to mute the sound on your smartphone and computer. We’ll show you how to turn off sound on the gaming console Xbox One.


Chat for Android, iOS, and PC users can be turned off.

This guide will explain how to disable the voice chat and proximity chat feature on iOS, Android, PCs, and Macs. Please read the following instructions to remove voice chat from your Android, iOS, or PC.

  • First, click on the gear icon, which is located next to “Settings.”
  • Next, you will need to choose “Sound.”
  • You must also choose Mue under the “Voice Chat Mode” heading.
  • You will find a button under Voice Chat Channel. Click it.
  • The Pubg proximity voice will then be muted or turned off.
  • If you prefer “Party chat” but no proximity voice, select the Party instead of None.
  • The profanity filter on iOS and Android is permanently active, with no way to disable it. The chat feature cannot be disabled on iOS or Android. No text chat is available in any other version of the game than the mobile one.

For One user:

The following steps should be followed for Xbox.

  • First, log in to your gaming console account.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Xbox users must also choose between “Privacy” and “Online Safety.”
  • Remember that each game offers a unique set of settings. You can only choose “Player Unknown’s Battleground.”
  • Finally, select the “Look for Other Can Communicate With Voice, Text or Invites Settings” option and choose Blocked.

This will end the guide and good communications for that particular PUBG account.

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We hope you can find the solution to your problem or issue after reading this entire guide. We’ve also provided a step-by-step guide to Turning on and off the voice and proximity chat features of PUBG.

We hope you enjoy this article/guide. If you agree, please share this article with your gaming friends to increase their knowledge.

Also, please let us know how you can improve our blog post so we can keep it updated in the future.


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How Tos

How To Unlink Gamecenter From PUBG Mobile



How To Unlink Gamecenter From PUBG Mobile. Tap the Settings symbol at the app’s home screen to unlink PUBG. To access Settings, click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Connected Accounts.” Next, click Unlink near “Game Center.”

Write an article on how to unlink the PUBG app from Game Center. You can do this by opening Settings and then Privacy. Next, click on “Game Center” at the bottom. This will remove the connection between your PUBG account and Apple’s Game Center. It makes it easier to play PUBG without being reminded of other games or refreshed recently.

Another way to address this problem is by deauthorizing the PUBG app. These updates can be canceled to increase your chances of winning in-match.

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To close the PUBG game, tap Menu (bolt symbol at the bottom left corner). After clicking on Settings, tap on “My Account.” You will now see your connected PUBG mobile record with the Game Center symbol. It also has your Game Center ID and moniker. Tap the red “Unlink” button to unlink this /PUBG Mobile account.

How to Unlink Gamecenter From PUBG Mobile

I downloaded 0.5 and found more login options, including game focus seat swap in PUBG. It would be awesome to connect to game focus. When I try to interface my visitor record with game focus, it tells me that the PUBG has been connected to the game focal with an additional record, which was made automatically. It does not have any advancement or any matches I’ve had with them. I am using iOS 11.3 on my iPhone 7.

You will need to go into settings, general, and iPhone storage and wait for your apps to stack. Then, locate the game center app you want to delete from there. Please tap on the app to delete it. You may want to modify the Game Center record’s Apple ID. Go to Gamce focus in settings.

How can I remove my Apple ID from PUBG?

You can delete your iOS account from Game Center by going into Settings > Game Center > Remove Account. You can delete your PUBG accounts from Android by going to Settings > Accounts. You can use the Game Center record on multiple devices.

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How can I delink a PUBG Mobile?

PUBG is a game that can be played like any other because it gives you a lot of dopamine. If you can recall, when you first started playing the game, you didn’t feel so blue as you did fan. To deliver dopmine, you were required to kill the borts or other terrible players.

If I had to sum up dopamine, it would not be deductively. But I can agree that it brings you joy. It’s true; even if you don’t crave it, the difference is that it’s in a small amount, while the sum is significantly greater about PUBG or any other game on YouTube.

There are many people who, as entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and individuals, deal with dopamine delivery in their minds.

If you are looking for How can I link my game with the Game Center?

To create a new profile within the Game Center on iOS below 10.0.0:1, Tap on the button to open the app on your phone screen.

  • Enter your Apple ID login details and passcode in the pop-up window.
  • One Apple ID is required to create a Game Center profile. Save your Apple ID login password and passcode to help you restore your progress after formatting or changing your device.

To create a new profile within the Game Center on iOS 10.0.0 or higher:

  • Click on the icon to open your device settings.
  • Select Game Center from the suggested applications list in the new window.
  • Click the “Enter” button.
  • Enter the Apple ID you used to create your Game Center account. Login and passcode to a registered Apple ID will allow you to load the Narcos Cartel Wars account linked with this profile on your device.

Game Center is used to restore progress.

  • Click the button at the top of your screen to access your device settings.
  • Select Game Center from the suggested applications list in the new window.
  • Click the “Enter” button.
  • Enter the Apple ID you used to create your Game Center account.
  • Start the game, and choose the progress you want to keep playing in the window.

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Will PUBG Sue Super People | PUBG vs Super People



Will PUBG Sue Super People | PUBG vs Super People. Recently, it was made public in the name of Krafton that the PC and console versions of PUBG will be available for free play starting the 12th of January in 2022. The game’s creator has decided to offer the game available for free play due to this reason so that they can get an increasing number of users to try PUBG PC. But does this move of the developers help expand the number of players playing PUBG?

Many people are thrilled to learn this news as shortly they’ll be able to play PUBG PC without purchasing, but will it be worth it to play five-year-old games in the year 2022? PUBG PC was launched on the 23rd of March, 2017, i.e., after three months, the game will have completed five years. With time, PUBG PC has become an older generation game, and the gameplay, mechanics, and visuals of PUBG PC appear outdated compared to the likes of Apex Legends, COD Warzone, and Super People.

In the present, if a game has the most resemblance to PUBG PC within the Battle Royale category, then the game that is most similar to PUBG PC can be described as Super People. The beta game Super People has been released, and the good news is that players enjoy the game a lot. One of the main reasons players are enjoying Super People is that Super People game is also that the Super People game is like the PUBG PC game. However, the primary reason for the success of Super People Super People game seems to be its rapid pace.

On the other hand, the most significant drawback to PUBG game is a slow speed because many players become bored playing PUBG, but yet the most crucial benefit of this Super People game is its speedy pace that ensures players are never bored when playing the game, and at times, players are not even allowed to breathe. It is also fast-paced. Another great feature that is unique to Super People Super People game is its capabilities that make the game more thrilling.


While the concept was to make the PC and console versions of PUBG free to play for quite a while, the plan was implemented after Super People was released. Super People game is becoming popular with the public and will launch soon. Currently, the console and PC versions of PUBG are free. It appears that the creator of PUBG is aware of the goodwill in Super People, and now they are considering Super People as his biggest rival.

You can see the potential to be a part of Super People from the fact that the creator of the PUBG PC game is looking at Super People as a worthy adversary, and they may have decided to make PUBG accessible for free. In the present situation, it appears that making PUBG free to play is not in favor of PUBG since players are used to playing fast-paced games such as COD Warzone or Apex Legends. Super People is also going to be a fast-paced game due to that. However, some players might not like the slow-paced games like PUBG right now.

In light of the issues mentioned in this article and the rising popularity of Super People, there is the possibility of Super People will replace PUBG soon. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the box below.

It is nearly impossible to patent or copyright the game.

Patents can be granted for a specific technology. For instance, a game developer could copyright protect a game engine or a sure way to render water. Still, no one can copyright water or any representation of water in games.

Copyright protection is a possibility for an artwork. Most developers copyright their logos, and most artworks are copyright protected, which means you cannot duplicate the look and feel of (many variants from) Lara Croft and use her character in games of your own.


But you can’t patent a gameplay design. You cannot patent a first-person shooter, platforming, action-adventure, or even RPG.

LOL basically copied all the things DOTA did.

First-person shooters all have the same gameplay.

PUBG does not have the legal basis to sue any person who creates a Battle Royale gameplay style.



Nothing distinctive about PUBG didn’t originate from another game or type of game. It’s a collection of known tropes and concepts already within the gaming industry.

The only thing PUBG might contemplate suing over is copyrighted material they’ve created. Their character and setting are so familiar that it doesn’t even have a copyright claim.

The name is so generic that it isn’t even a trademark.

“player unknown” ? is a term used to describe a general phrase. “battlegrounds” as if there aren’t battlegrounds from billions of other games before?

The PUBG game is general gaming that has come to life. It has nothing exclusive to file a claim against anyone else. It has a list of 1,000 games before it, and it ought to be grateful for the ideas it adapted from.


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