Quordle Answers – Answers And Hints

Since Quordle has a similar structure to Wordle but is a bit more challenging, it’s not a shame to search for daily Quordle answers to game #154. More specifically, ‘answers’ are plural because Quordle offers four answers you can find daily.

If you haven’t tried it out, it’s time to play because it’s four times the enjoyment of the first-word game that went viral. However, it’s also four times more difficult because you’re given only nine chances to guess the words in the quartet. (Sometimes Wordle is a bit more difficult, obviously, but the current Wordle answer isn’t too bad.)

As with Wordle is also reset each day, meaning even if you don’t play a game, it’s impossible to be able to know what previous Quordle responses were. However, unless you save this page, you’ll be able to check the current Quordle answers whenever you like since I’ll update it every morning.

But be aware that spoilers are in store for game #154. Only follow this link if you wish to find the current Quordle answers! Please don’t use this site to cheat or appear to the world that you’ve got it right even though you weren’t. This would be a squandering of my efforts.


Before I go into today’s Quordle answers, I’ll offer some tips to steer you on the right path. I’ve got three clues to start to help you and an important hint towards the conclusion. After that, I’ll give you the solutions; I’ll swear by myself.

Here are some starting points:

  • There are only four vowels used.*
  • A solution includes two letters that are frequently used
  • Another response contains a repeat letter

* By vowel, I mean A, E, I, O, U. There are additional letters often considered vowels based on how they are utilized.

Everyday Quordle answers to game #154 are pretty common, but here’s a second hint that will help you win one of them: One of today’s Quordle answers makes a calming sound.

Are you getting stuck? Let’s look at the solutions.


What are the Quordle answers to game #154?

I’m not going to let you sit any longer — here’s the deal:


Everyday Quordle answers to game #154 are usually simple words; however, repeated letters could make them more difficult. There’s a repeating O in OUTDO, and, even more so, there are two that are repeated: a repeat S and a repeated H in SHUSH.

My approach is to play three words that are set before starting to eliminate the possibility of confirming as many commonly used letters as possible. I always begin with some of the most effective Wordle starting words for me: STARE. Then I follow it up with DOILY and then PUNCH.

It usually gives me an idea of the everyday Quordle answers; however, today was a bit disappointing with four letters in three puzzles and three letters for the third. I usually have all five answers for at the very least one.

But, I still had three greens and one yellow in the upper right. This meant it was a relatively easy task to locate SWIRL. On the top left, I could only find just one green — with one in the middle; however, I did have yellow CH that was taken out of positions 4 and 5. It was the C and H would not be combined, but they are an extremely common combo, and playing them in the beginning, I was able to solve CHIEF and had my second puzzle solved.

Very helpful while playing CHIEF gave me another green H to the puzzle on the left, and it appeared to be H-SH. With an orange U to include, SHUSH was bound to be the solution.

And finally, the bottom left was where I only had four letters left, including a green U in the second position, along with the yellow letters D O and. It took me a bit longer, but OUTDO came up before too long, and I finished the daily Quordle with only two more guesses. I hope you can solve it as well.


If you’re searching for the list of old Quordle answers, we can assist. This list goes back to 20 games.

  • Quordle #153: AUDIO, SLIME, LUCID, MAGMA
  • Quordle #152: MODEL, DRUID, TERSE, UNFIT
  • Quordle #151: TWIST, TWICE, CARGO, RATTY
  • Quordle #150: TORCH, TROVE, WRACK, SPOON
  • Quordle #149: CONCH, CHASE, CROWD, THRUM
  • Quordle #148: TREAT, SCALE, MAGMA, BLURT
  • Quordle #147: TRAIN, LINEN, BURST, SWEEP
  • Quordle #146: CRIED, MACRO, ARMOR, SHEIK
  • Quordle #145: PANIC, METAL, AGATE, MODEL
  • Quordle #144: VINYL, DOWDY, STEIN, PANEL
  • Quordle #143: LOSER, ALLOT, FIXER, SPARK
  • Quordle #142: SPOON, SPOOK, SCARF, SNOWY
  • Quordle #141: CELLO, SHADE, CAPER, PIANO
  • Quordle #140: MANIA, SALTY, PHASE, SWOON
  • Quordle #139: SHIRK, GUAVA, OPINE, FABLE
  • Quordle #138: LEANT, ARRAY, DRAFT, AZURE
  • Quordle #137: ANODE, AUDIO, CHASM, BEGAN
  • Quordle #136: SHANK, RAJAH, PIXIE, COBRA
  • Quordle #135: TRYST, MOUND, SPREE, SERUM
  • Quordle #134: CLOCK, BOSSY, LIEGE, BLOCK


Quordle is among the numerous Wordle cousins to have emerged following Wordle’s massive success. It’s the same game; however, you play four different versions at once and get nine chances to figure out the possible answers.

The letters behave the same way as they behave in Wordle and turn green when they’re located in the right spot or the correct word; however, in the incorrect place or are not part of the answer in any way.

An additional benefit is that even though there is just one set of puzzles daily, there’s a practice mode as well. You might require it, as it’s quite difficult.

If Quordle is too difficult for you, you could like something from our list of the top Wordle alternatives; however, if you’re looking for an even more challenging test, we suggest Squabble or Octordle.

Also, we like the brand new Heardle emulative of Wordle used for music and the geography-based Wordle copy of Worldle and The themed Star Wars SWordle and Mahler, a math-based Mahler as well others.

However, the original is the most popular, so look up our top Wordle starting words and look at the current Wordle answer in case you’re not given a chance to play.