Squabble: Another Wordle in Battle Royale Form

Another Wordle Clone — but this one could prove to be the best. It’s called Squabble and takes all the best parts of the hit word game, then allows you to play against other players online in what quickly turns into a frantic battle of wits.

Squabble is fast. It’s fast. Wordle’s greatest asset is its ability to be flexible and take things at your own pace. You can even deliberate possible solutions for hours if you wish. Squabble makes it impossible to do that. Instead, it would help if you played against both humans and the clock. Stressful doesn’t come close to describing it.

Blitz and Squabble Royale are equally frightening modes of play. The first involves 2-5 players competing to guess the Wordle. They deal damage each time they succeed but take damage if they get it wrong.

It might seem that careful thinking is rewarded. You’ll take more damage points for every second you play the game. This damage can only be repaired if you guess correctly. You’re constantly under pressure to think, think, and think.

You’re out when your damage bar drops below zero. But if you keep guessing right while others fail, you will eventually be crowned the winner.

Squabble Royale is a game similar to Blitz but more stressful. This mode can have up to 99 players. The last player eliminated is the one who has not been eliminated until only two are left.

Although it all moves slowly, it is still the Wordle you are used to. There are five-letter words, with green letters, yellow letters, and five-letter words. It feels like these should be obvious, but they rarely are.

Squabble (opens in a new window) appears in beta, but it’s still very user-friendly. It’s easy to join existing games from the lobby, and it takes only 10-20 seconds for you to start playing. Many people have already begun to play it.

You can also create your own game and share it with friends to prove you are more intelligent than them. You might even find yourself unable to resist pressure.

You can also see what other people are guessing, even if you’re still looking for words that end in NI. More features are coming soon, including better matchmaking and rankings. It’s completely free to use and is free of ads, just like the original.

It’s a game that feels very similar to Wordle but is also quite different. However, it could well be the best of all the clones. We love the Absurdle. The number-friendly Mathler. The Star Wars-themed SWordle. And the geography-based Weltle.

We also have a lot of Wordle alternatives for you to consider if your brain is still functioning from the original sale to the New York Times or if Wordle seems to be getting harder (which it hasn’t).