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Stormveil Castle Walkthrough – Elden Rings

Stormveil Castle is the first foreboding Castle you will encounter during your journey through Elden Ring. It presents a variety of hazards and challenges to face. This Stormveil Castle Walkthrough covers the entire Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring and all the obstacles such as loot and bosses to find.

How to Get to the Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring

To reach Stormveil Castle, it is possible to start through Castleward Tunnel. Castleward Tunnel.

You will pass through the tunnel. Continue forward until you are at Stormveil Castle.

When you get to Stormveil Castle, your first boss you’re going to meet out in the open will be Margit, who is the Fell Omen. Beat that boss, and you’ll be able to go into Stormveil Castle.

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Walkthrough

Go to the gate at the heart of Stormveil Castle, and you will find a place of Grace just in the front. From the primary location of Grace, follow the pathway to the right, which is a path that runs across the walls that surrounds the Castle.

Go forward and take your Furlcalling Finger remedy from the corpse. Then turn back, and you’ll find an avenue down to the left. There you can pick up fire Grease.

Continue on this path until you reach the cliff. Collect her Lilly on the right. You must go towards the gate at the heart of Stormveil Castle using a hole to your left.

Talk to Gatekeeper Gostic

The main entrance at Stormveil Castle walks through the entrance to the left, and there is The Gatekeeper Gostic. He will inform you of the secret entrance to the Castle.

It is advisable to take this route as if you walk through the main gate, the only thing you’ll receive is death. There is no reason to go to the entrance gate only if you’re willing to take the test.

In the next hole, you’ll be able to find there is the Marika Statue. Take a look and start the summoning pool. You may also get the Gold Rune by examining a dead body close to the statue.

To the statue’s left, you’ll see rubble that can be climbed to collect your fragments of the Ruin. Continue moving forward until you spot a large land mass below.

You will encounter swordbirds which could be risky if you aren’t paying close attention. Get them out and move ahead to start stormveil Cliffside’s place of Grace.

Cliffside Site of Grace

In the stormveil Castle Cliffside site of Grace, it is possible to go left and pick up some treasures from there. Then, after this, you’ll be able to choose between two choices. One will take you down, while the second is upwards.

Follow the trail down, and you’ll see several Stormhawk there. It is better to get each out rather than tackling all of them at once.

After you’ve removed the whole thing, visit the remnants and take all the Smithing Stones from there. Then continue heading toward the north, uphill, and there is an area with a ledge that houses the Marika Statue.

Drop down from the top to activate the Stormveil Cliffside location of Grace and the statue. Retire here to rebuild your flasks.

Continue to go up the stairs, and you’ll meet three Exiles in the area. You must eliminate this one in the beginning since the horn on his head will alert the others.

Remove them; after that, you will be able to collect your Marred Leather Shield from the rest of the remains.

Then, turn around and climb up to eliminate the attacker with a gun that can be used at range. Then, you can take the Golden Rune from the remains and enter the Castle.

Inside Stormveil Castle

In the Castle, you must take out two enemies that you encounter. There’s a foe with an enormous Axe. To get him out head-first, hide him on the opposite side of the staircase, then attack him once his back is toward you.

You can also collect Hookclaws. Hookclaws in the remnants. Then, use the stairs to climb and take down all enemies attacking you. After defeating them, you can get St. Trina’s arrow there.

You need to make use of a hole to hop up. It would help if you killed the enemy there, then moved up the stairs. Find your Smoldering Butterfly out of the body of the victim.

There is also an enemy in slumber from here. Take him down and take him down. Then, jump off the ledge and take the items from the. If you jump back, you’ll find a door in this area.

Before you open the door, you must ensure that you have an inadequate amount of health statistics as you will face a boss.

Banished Knight Boss Fight

In this dark area in this dark room, you’ll be confronted by your Banished Knight boss. You can eliminate this monster with the ranged builds, and we strongly recommend getting into a fight using a build with a range focused on stats like dexterity and magic.

After the fight, you can take from the remains; after fighting, you can collect Rusty Key that can open the door to the downstairs. Inside, you’ll find a chest containing the Curved Sword Talisman, which will boost the counters for guards.

Back to Hookclaw’s Location

Then you must return to the place where you obtained the hookclaw. Then, you’ll find an NPC who offers assistance at the beginning of the Stormveil Castle Walkthrough.

Talk to him, and the man will grant the Grace Mimic. The door will be unlocked using the Rusty Key, and climb up the ladder. Make a right turn and eliminate the enemy from some distance to collect Fire Grease. Fire Grease.

Then jump to an incline on the wall to the right to where the enemy was. Could you take it to your left? There, you’ll encounter additional enemies. Take them out, and then collect Brick Hammer. Brick Hammer from there.

You can jump through the bodies to climb a ladder up. As you climb up, leave to take out the enemies. Continue moving forward via the stairs and eliminate those enemies that are there. You can get your silver-colored Fowl Foot.

Outside of the Stormveil Castle

Reach the outer area within the Stormveil Castle and, before climbing the stairs, go to the left side of the ledge. You can find Mushrooms in the remnants.

Return and take the stairs to climb up. There’s a door open for you to battle Banished Knight. Banished Knight boss, but we’ll keep it shut at this point.

Once you have climbed the stairs, walk through the entrance to your left. You will be able to see Rampart Tower. Rampart Tower site of Grace.

Rampart Tower Site of Grace

You can rest in the Grace of God’s presence to get ready to move ahead. There are many paths you can choose to take to move ahead. In the beginning, we should go to the door to the southeast.

Make a right turn from there and jump over the gap. You can then get your Drawstring Fire Grease from the remaining debris.

Go down the spiral staircases to face the Banished Knight in the room. Explore that area and return to your original location at the Rampart Tower Site of Grace.

Follow the staircase up from The Site of Grace and take out the enemies. You can get one of the throwing daggers from this area. Leave the entrance to the right and then up the roof.

There will be a few adversaries in this area. Get rid of all enemies, particularly those with horns, and return to the spot of Grace.

From here, walk along the path toward the south and then leap to the tower just in the front. Follow the path to the outside before jumping into the rubble to gain access to the tower.

You can jump down below, and there is a body equipped with The Stonesword key. Leap out the window and get ready for battle with the flame-throwing Stormhawk.

Move north, then cross the roof to the right, and you’ll be able to see a straight path alongside a pillar. You must cross the pillar’s edge and leap around the building.

Collecting the stone used for smithing from a dead body is possible. Return to the pillar and follow the pathway next to the pillar. You will meet around four enemies as you move forward.

After removing them, Use the ladder to climb up to the roof to gather your Claw Talisman. Go back to the ledge from which you came, and then leap down to confront the opponent using an archery crossbow.

You have two options here: south and north. We will follow the northern path to cross the rope bridge, which two enemies accompany. Take them out and get the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 10.

Head towards the east from there. Instead of climbing up a ladder, you can smash a few wooden barrels and leap down onto the edge. From there, you can use the arrows to eliminate two sleeping enemies.

Then, head towards the bridge and allow the Knight to follow after you. Two knights are on the bridge, and you must ensure that you take them out one at a time instead of taking them all at once.

In the next step, head towards the south and collect the Festering Bloody Finger from the remaining remains near the ladder. Take the ladder down and pick up various loot items.

In this area, you’re going to meet an enemy and also find smithing stones and more during your exploration.

It is necessary to eliminate every enemy in the area with a weapon that can be ranged. If you opt for the melee weapon, it will take quite a long time. Once you’ve taken most of them, you can take the stairs going in the southeast direction.

Enter through the entrance and pick up The Golden Rune from there. You’ll see the lever which opens the main gate that leads to the Castle. Pull the lever to exit the gate to the east. You can then access to access the Gateside Chamber Site of Grace.

Back to Rampart Tower Site of Grace

Quickly get to the Rampart Tower site of Grace and proceed through the northern entrance. There, you’ll encounter Stormhawks which you’ll have to remove with the barrels close to them.

Use the barrels to explode using the firepots. Additionally, you can gather the smithing stone from the remnants in this area. The site has an enormous entrance with only a small space below.

Then, you can jump on the railing and descend into a secluded zone below. Take the northeastern side and then jump off the ledge. Then, jump onto some debris, and you’ll find further ledges.

There is also the Marred Wooden Shield from the remains of this area. Take a trip down and fight off the enemies there to collect an Ash of War: Storm Assault. Ash of War: Storm Assault.

Continue to the path to the east, and you’ll encounter the Knight there. Find him, gather the loot, then return to the Rampart Site of Grace.

Meet the Sorcerer Rogier

The third time you visit Rampart Tower, on the third visit Rampart Tower site of Grace, take the stairs downstairs and climb up onto the roof to take home the gold Rune. Continue to climb up the roof to collect Kukiri. Kukiri of an unidentified corpse.

There is the door you can jump through to get down. Rogier, the Sorcerer Rogier, will greet you. You must go outside to take on the Knight and the adversaries you will encounter.

Take a walk towards the building’s lower level to find it with the Golden Rune. Explore this area and then visit other rooms to collect this Golden RuneLump of Fresh and Chrysalids Momento.

Leave the building and take a left to get to the lift. Leave the lift room and return towards Rampart Tower. Rampart Tower site of Grace.

Unlock the locked door

It would help if you went to the outer area where you drop down. Then, jump onto the sandbags and beat the enemy. You can select the gold-colored Fowl Foot and follow the path to get around it.

There’s a ladder in the corner, which could be challenging to locate. The ladder can be lowered and then opened the door. Unlock the chest and take it. Pickled Turtle Neck.

Also, there is a body to the left of the platform with a Stonesword key.

Defeat the Grafted Scion

To return to Rampart Tower Site of Grace, Take the lift you just opened to descend. You will see the well-known Grafted Scion in the dining hall.

Find that boss and gather all the Stanching Boluses and Highland Axe from the rooms. Explore the entire area to find different items of interest.

Then, you’ll be able to traverse the fog wall and get to the Gateside chamber. It is located at the Site of Grace.

Stormveil Castle Courtyard (Stormveil Castle Walkthrough)

This is among the most challenging areas in the game. You must be in the area with complete training.

It is necessary to defeat all enemies, get rid of them for loot, and collect various objects, such as scorching Butterflies.

Near the end of the zone, you’ll see a massive creature with the form of a dog. Take the stairs on the right side, and you will find the Liftside chamber in place of Grace.

Liftside Chamber Site of Grace (Stormveil Castle Walkthrough)

We will now begin from Grace’s Liftside chamber site after resting. Make a left turn and take the stones for smithing from the rock. The giant creature as well as his dog, and you will locate the door that is open to your right.

Collect the Prophecy Painting. The lever is located in the room next to the place of Grace to pull up the elevator. Follow the route ahead, and you will be faced with two choices.

You can turn to the left and kill any creatures in the pot to get the reward. Then turn to the left and listen for the sound of the bell. Then you will be able to overcome the scarab to obtain an item called the Ash of War: Stormcaller.

Go forward from there, and you’ll be able to find there the Secluded Space Site amid Grace. You can return to find Kukri Kukri and take on The Banished Knight’s Shield.

Open the Locked Door (Stormveil Castle Walkthrough)

Then, you can unlock the locked door next to that Liftside chamber site of Grace. From there, you can take the lift up. Turn right, move towards the building in order and walk out.

Find your Smithing Stone at an unidentified corpse in the building area. Go forward from there and go through the doorway to the left. In the next room, you’ll find Trina’s LillySmithing Stone, and Gold Rune.

You can follow the sole route from there until you reach the inside. Enemies will confront you, and you must remove them one at a time. When the area is cleared, you can take your Manor Towershield from the body under the stairs.

Only one path for you to go forward this way. Keep on going, and you will collect Smithing Stone and Rainbow Stone on it.

Just from where you’ve collected your Rainbow Stone, you will see an entrance next to a small, narrow staircase. Enter it and then open it to enter the Liftside Chamber site of Grace.

Take a left away from The Rainbow Stone again, and you will see a lot of bats. Take them down and leap onto the wooden crates beneath to take an Arteria Leaf from the corpse.

Stormveil Castle Basement (Stormveil Castle Walkthrough)

Use the door close to Grace’s place to go down to the bottom grave that is part of Stormveil Castle. Rats will confront you. Take them down and take your Poisonbloom out of an unidentified body near the corpse of the largest rodent.

There is a low-pitched bell sound. Keep it in mind by walking across the room to the right and taking it out with the Teardrop Scarab outside the room to collect this rancorcall.

In addition, you’ll encounter an Ulcerated tree. Spirit Boss that you can remove. In that graveyard area, there are opportunities to gather things like throwing DaggerStonesword KeySmoldering Butterfly, and the Prince of Death’s Pustule.

Back to Secluded Site of Grace (Stormveil Castle Walkthrough)

Then return to the Secluded spot of Grace you first discovered and go outside the room. You can beat the two enemies and the giant on the stairs there. Collect Trina’s Lilly and the Golden Seed from the area.

If you explore that area, and then in the room to the left, there is the Nepheli Loux. Then, you can also summon Nepheli Loux during the boss battle.

From the place of Grace, go down and kill enemies in your way. Please take out the Stormhawks in the area and then take the steps adjacent to them for going up. This route will lead one back towards the back courtyard. It is necessary to go back to the Secluded spot of Grace to take your taking rest.

Break the Courtyard Statue (Stormveil Castle Walkthrough)

If you want, you can draw the giant towards the glowing statue and then return to the courtyard to break it; if you want to, you can move on the fog gate to confront Godrick the Grafted.

How to Defeat Godrick the Grafted Boss

In the beginning, in the first phase, he’ll be using attacks like tornado blasts to cause severe damage. But, you can evade these attacks easily since you will be able to determine from his movements whether this attack will use him.

He will also use an axe-dragging technique where he tries to attack you at high speed. However, you can evade this attack if you search for sparks.

We suggest that you build an area-based building so that you can remain as far from him as possible but still cause him harm.

As the fight progresses to the 2nd phase, he becomes risky and uses a powerful fire attack with an impressive range. This means you must keep a distance from him before attacking you by throwing a shot.

It is also possible to summon allies to help you win the fight. The task of slaying the boss isn’t easy, and you should not take this task lightly. You must be prepared to face this boss fight. Please find out more about this fight in our article here!

When you’ve defeated that boss, you’ll be awarded an item called the Remembrance of the GraftedGrodrick’s Great Rune, along with 15000 Runes. After that, the Stormveil Castle Walkthrough will be complete.

You can now visit additional regions and summon NPCs such as Nepheli to fight alongside you in battles.

To activate Godrick’s Great Rune, it is possible to go towards Limgrave’s Divine Tower of Limgrave and climb to the top of it to touch the glowing sigil located in the center to activate godrick’s greatest Rune. This will boost all your talents.