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How To Switch Grenades Halo Infinite

How To Switch Grenades Halo Infinite. There are a variety of weapons to choose among within Halo: Infinite, which includes a variety of types of grenades. Contrary to melee weapons and gun weapons, players can get every kind of grenade in one go; however, only one can be available at a time.

Changing grenades is vital in fighting different kinds of enemies since some are more effective in decreasing shields, travelling longer distances, or even causing destruction. This guide will show you the process of changing grenades within Halo: Infinite and the purpose of each one can do.

How To Switch Grenades Halo Infinite

How To Switch Grenades Halo Infinite

To switch grenades within Halo Infinite while playing with a controller, press left on the d-pad, and then select the input on the d-pad to the kind of grenade the player would like. To switch between grenades for the mouse and keyboard, you need to press “N” to switch to the previous grenade and “B” to switch to the next one. Keybindings are the default for keyboards and mice, but mouse and keyboard inputs can be changed using the Settings menu.

The d-pad is pressed up; pressing it up will turn on the Plasma Grenade, right will switch into its Dynamo Grenade, pressing down will change onto the Spike Grenade, and pressing left will switch to Frag Grenade. If players do not have the type they want and cannot find it, they automatically switch to the next type available. Although this control system may be unique for players in campaign mode, Halo Infinite‘s guns have been a source of intense discussion for those who love multiplayer.

What do the Different Grenade Types do in Halo Infinite?

How To Switch Grenades Halo Infinite

This Plasma Grenade is ideal for dropping shields or eliminating single, powerful enemies like Halo: Infinite‘s Chak Lok Boss. It is affixed to whatever surface it’s thrown on and includes enemies. Frag Grenade Frag Grenade is a standard option for killing many enemies in one go. They roll as well, so players can travel further from these weapons. Spike Grenades can roll. Spike Grenade is similar to the Plasma Grenade, as it can also stick to surfaces and the Dynamo Grenade slowly drains shields and health close to an opponent. It also can disable vehicles.

The Boom Skull inside Halo: Infinite can double the blast radius of any grenade. This is very helpful in playing the game with Legendary difficulty. There are three grenades in Halo Infinite. Cowbell, Catch, and Bandana Skulls can also influence grenades in Halo: Infinite.

Players can discover Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite to boost the master chief’s resistance to grenades and utilize them to improve their shields. This could mean the difference between being able to survive the ravages of a blast and not.

At the end of each Halo Infinite match, there’s a moment where you must pull out the grenades that stick instead of the Frag the grenades. It is essential to get it done quickly, which is usually covered in the game’s tutorial. There is a simple way to switch between the different types of grenades, which is done by pressing one button.

Use the button in the below section based on your device to toggle between different types of grenades.

  • PC
    • Switch to the next grenade N
    • Switch to the previous grenade B
  • Xbox Controller: D-Pad Left

Technically speaking, there are two ways to switch grenades on the PC. However, at the moment, all perform the same task. This is because you can only hold two types of grenades during a regular match.

There’s nothing more to be aware of when changing the grenades used within Halo Infinite. Make sure you use the grenades before, and after fighting whenever you can — you’ll be amazed at how many additional kills you could get!

Halo Infinite is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.