SWordle: Another Wordle for Star Wars

You would think I was crazy if you told me a year ago that we were entering the golden age of online word games. We have some excellent crosswords and the New York Times Spelling Bee. Why would we want to get into new word games? The future was a mystery to me! We now have SWordle. This online word game is for Star Wars geeks and was created by Aurebesh Files.

Wordle is, if you didn’t know it, the game that created enough clones of the Republic Army. In the original game, you get six chances to guess a five-letter mystery word. The game tracks how many letters you have correctly guessed and which letters are correct. It’s part of the fun to think of the right word in the shortest time possible. You can then use the social media plugin to post your results on Twitter. You can also use Wordlebot to analyze your game and give you a rating on how skilled you are.

Wordle has one issue. You can only play once per day. This is why all the spin-offs have appeared. After you’ve completed the Wordle, you can go to another game and start it over again. You can do it again and again. Once players realized that the entire word list was in the source code, they were able to change the date on their computers to gain early access to future games. We needed MORE CONTENT for those who had the patience and could not wait for the second marshmallow.

It has been delivered. The game’s concept is simple and clever. It sparks the imagination of other game designers. But it will never end. Do we want it to?

Let’s start a discussion about SWordle.

Wait, what’s it called again?



No, SWordle. The capital W indicates that the first two letters of Star Wars are capitalized. Please keep up the pace.


It’s okay.

What’s the best way to play SWordle?

Wordle is the basic gameplay. Six chances are available to guess a five-letter word. The Star Wars winning word will be the same as the one that was drawn. This means that SWordle can be considered both a trivia and word game. Your chances of finding the correct answer in six attempts or less depending on how much you know Star Wars.

You (I) may be thinking the opposite. There is a lot of Star Wars content, but how many five-letter words are specific to the Star Wars universe? It’s a great point! That’s a good point!

There is good and bad news. The good news is that SWordle has a complete list of words used in its puzzles. Just go to the top left corner and tap the green circle. You can scroll through the entire list to refresh your memory on Star Wars words you might have forgotten. The list is 14,000 words long, but only 400 words will likely be winning words. Even if you don’t have every episode, 400 Star Wars references are manageable. You probably know more about casual fans than you realize.

Unfortunately, SWordle doesn’t limit itself to just letters, unlike Wordle. The word list contains many words that are a series of numbers or dashes like “11-4D”, “2-1BS,” and others. This will give you an advantage over those who don’t know their droids. Pro tip: Use the word list to verify the placement of the dashes in the name of your favorite droid. I was years old when Artoo’s name was spelled R2-D2, not R2D2. (I’m embarrassed to admit it.)

You can also find wild entries like “209th”, “1970s”, other common words, and many other names for characters and places.

When you play SWordle, there is one more tool. After making three guesses, you can reveal a hint by tapping the icon to the right of the circle at the top left.

What is it like to play SWordle with a young Padawan?

Today was a difficult and frustrating game. I will share my experiences so you can be savvier and better prepared to approach this challenging game. I will list my guesses and the hint I received, but I won’t reveal the word. If you don’t want any spoilers, skip to the next paragraph.

First, I thought of “Endor,” which got me two correct letters: E and N. This was my absolute last knowledge of five-letter Star Wars words. Next, I tried “Grand,” thinking of Grand Moff Tarkin. Then I tried “Trade,” thinking about the Trade Federation from Prequels. It was apparent how bad I was feeling at this point. Although I knew that the word list included non-Star Wars words with which I could test letters, I couldn’t shake myself from a Star Wars trivia mindset. I was thrown into a spiral when the hint came in the form of “Designation from Prequels.” Designation!? It could be a call sign, a title, or something else. It was Rogue. That didn’t make sense. I chose “Niche” for my last guess, which was for some reason. I think I knew I was going down.

I groaned loudly when I realized the correct word. I was so engrossed in deep dives such as “Ieria” that I forgot to think about it. I hid my lightsaber in shame and ran away from my computer. Could you not make the same mistake as me? It’s okay not to overthink it. (Am I talking to my older self? OMG, I am overthinking everything.

What else do I need to know about SWordle?

It features excellent Star Wars-inspired graphics. Yay!