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Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints (June 27, 2022)

Good morning, and good morning to yet another round of Today’s Wordle. This morning’s Wordle solution is back at its usual difficulty, after a slightly simpler one yesterday, with NYT’s Wordle Bot tool revealing that it took an average of 3.9 answers to this particular problem.

With this in mind, it is possible to find tips that can be useful since the possibility of a Wordle error is only six possible guesses away.

It’s been a blast playing every Wordle to date; I lost just once, and I’ve many Wordle tips and tricks to impart. I’ve also gone through each Today’s Wordle answer to find patterns and have some additional suggestions for you. If you’re new to Today’s Wordle, check out the How to play Today’s Wordle? guide.

Every day, I’ll update this article with suggestions to help you figure out the current Today’s Wordle solution. If the tips aren’t enough, I’ll provide the answer for those stuck or who don’t have enough time to finish today’s puzzle. Also included is my review of yesterday’s puzzle, #372, if you’re reading this in another time zone.

So be aware: spoilers are in store for game #373. Read this only if you want to know the current Today’s Wordle answer!


My first suggestion is to use some of the most effective Today’s Wordle beginning words for each match you participate in. If you’re looking for more specific answers to the current Today’s Wordle answer, here’s the answer:

  • It has two vowels*
  • It is a letter with repeated spelling.
  • It begins with a typical end letter.

* By vowel, I mean A, E, I, O, U. Other letters are often considered vowels based on how they are utilized.

These hints should help you at least a portion of the way to finding the current Today’s Wordle answer. If you don’t, you can continue reading to find a more specific answer or, if you are looking for the answer, scroll further down.

Here’s my last hint: Today’s Wordle answer is not in time.

Okay, now it’s time to scroll to the bottom for an answer…

What is the current Wordle answer to game #373?

Please, drumroll — it’s the RETRO.

As I said, it appears that The NYT’s WordleBot Tool says people are solving this problem with an average of 3.9 estimates. It’s somewhat more difficult than the previous day’s average of 3.5.

I wouldn’t call it difficult; however, there are certainly several issues that could have lowered your score for the day, but there’s no indication of ‘Wordle373X trending on Twitter either.

The main issue is the repetition of the R. As I’ve shown in my review of every Today’s Wordle answer, 60 of the 2,308 games on Wordle have 2 or more R. This is around 2.6 percent of the answers. It’s the 6th most likely repeated throughout the game; however, it isn’t as common. A R at the beginning of a word can be more uncommon than you believe; it’s four times more likely letter to be the last one in the Wordle; however, it’s only 11th when it’s first introduced and has twice as chances of an R being placed in position #5 as opposed to position #1.

It’s possible that the O in the final of the word is far more likely (although it is only) and is found in the 58 Wordle answers. The four letters are used across the board; in the general population, E is the most frequently used letter, and T is the fifth game #373 is possibly more challenging than these statistics might suggest.

The word itself isn’t that obscure; however, it’s less commonly used than the word RUSTY according to the Word and Phrase Info(opens in a new tab), with a rank of 14,742nd.

Like always, I started with STARE, my choice of the top Wordle starting words, and, for the third time in four, I discovered three letters immediately. One of them was the green letter R was in position #4. The other two are yellow E and a yellow T.

With that many letters available, I was able to narrow my choices for the second option were already narrowed. WordleBot says I had just seven letters remaining. I discovered them all via an experiment of trial and trial and METRO, RETRO, ENTRY, RETRY, EXERT, INERT and Overt. I also found PETRI and PETRI, which Wordle would have taken as an assumption, but it isn’t a viable answer.

But, I made the potentially odd decision of not to play any of them, rather opting for INTRO. On the one hand, it wasn’t very smart, as it eliminated any possibility of being able to get two points. But, given 7 (or in my mind, eight) answers, two/6 seemed likely at best. Based on what I saw, INTRO would guarantee me being able to answer my next guess if it was RETRO or METRO; in that case, I would be left with 50/50.

I didn’t realize that playing RETRO following would have resulted in the same outcome and could have eliminated everything other than an EXERT/INERT 50% when the answer was either. In reality, I ought to have played that and given myself the possibility to score a 2-6% (in this case, I scored a 2/6).

Playing INTRO indeed left me with an even 50/50 split between RETRO and METRO. In one way, METRO would have been more likely because it doesn’t contain a repeated letter; however, repeated letters aren’t very common. In any case, knowing which one to choose was impossible, so I chose RETRO and was lucky.

After all those deliberations, I came up with an overall score of 3/6, which should probably be at least a 2/6. However, given that anyone who starts the current Today’s Wordle with CRANE faced 122 options to choose from at the beginning, and considering that Wordle Bot required four guesses to resolve the problem, I’ll go with a three.

Let me know how you went in the comments section or by email(opens in a new tab) — and should you already be in contact, please accept my apologies for taking so long to respond; you’ll receive an answer shortly (honest)!


Are you reading this from a place that says it’s Sunday? The Wordle answer to Game #372 is rough.

It should be an easy solution for some, but much will depend on what you choose as the most suitable Wordle start-up word and if you are playing in the hard mode.

This is because RUSTY could have sucked you into a too-many-options trap, leaving you unsure of DUSTY GUSTY, LUSTY, and never having the correct answer. Even though New York Times’ Wordle Bot Tool is reporting an average of 3.5 overall for this particular one which is quite low — I’m experiencing some odd streaks disappearing on Twitter.

Even if you didn’t get stuck on the -USTY pathway, there are several options to pick from. This is because the letters are used commonly, either in the overall or their specific place within the word.

Take Y: As I’ve demonstrated on my analysis of each Today’s Wordle answer, It’s the 12th most frequent word in general Wordle answers; however, it’s the second most frequently used end-of-word. It was also the last letter used in the game on Friday, found in 15 percent of the Today’s Wordles.

R, T, and S are popular overall in their respective rankings, which are 3rd, 5th, and 8th. But, S may be a peculiar letter in that it’s usually at the beginning of the answer and where it’s the most frequent. In position #3, as here, it’s found present in the answers of 80. In the same way, R is usually found in #5 or #2 but is much less likely to be the first word with an answer than to appear elsewhere in a sentence. Also, U is 11th most frequent overall, yet 7th most likely to appear in the #2 position.

What that all adds up to is a game where you may well have ended up playing chase-the-yellow-letters-around-the-board. But, at least the word itself isn’t a mystery as per word and phrase Info(opens in a new tab); RUSTY is the 928th most utilized English word, which is far more frequent than BEADY.

As usual, I started with STARE. This brought me three yellows three: T, S, and R.

Wordle Bot claims I had 13 answers I could pick from to make my second guess. However, I only found 15, and I missed one option; therefore, three of my choices, ROUST, WURST, and GRIST, were not real answers (though they were guesses that could be made.)

The one I did not recognize was ROOST. We have discovered the 12 others: FROST, TRYST BURST, CRUST, TRUST FIRST, TORSO TRUSS, TORUS WORST, WRIST, and RUSTY.

In a sense, the choice I made of WURST for my second choice was not a good one, considering that it wasn’t a real answer. Even though I wasn’t aware of that at the time, it was less likely than the other options. However, there was a method to my crazy.

I could tell through the list of answers that I’d created that —ST was an extremely typical ending, and all of them ended this in that way. Another two of them had S in the fourth position (TORSO and TRUSS). Also, You appeared in 8 of them, in contrast to five with an O and just three included an I.

In addition, W was the first with three answers: WURST, Worst, and WRIST. The similarity between C, F, B, G, and F were just two or three. I was almost playing TRUSTsince T at the beginning was also common; however, I decided to remove an additional consonant and played WURST.

It’s possible that I had a lucky break here. I was lucky, as Wordle Bot advised me, that had the answer been different such as CRUST or FROST as an example, I’d have found myself with an 80% or 1/3 chance for the final guess. As it turned out, I could narrow it down to one option, which was RUSTY.

It was my third 3/6 score in four games. I’d previously only had one 3/6 in 14 before that. Although I couldn’t beat Wordle Bot here, I’m satisfied to leave with my streak unbroken. I hope you also solved it.


If you’re searching for an archive of the older Wordle answers, we can assist. This list goes back to 20 games.

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  • Wordle #353: FLOOD


The best advice I have is to choose among the most popular Wordle word starters. I cannot stress this enough: it can make a huge impact.

If you don’t have one, you’ll be looking around in the dark, trying (and maybe not succeeding) to figure out the correct five letters (or perhaps less) out of 26 possible words. However, some smart users (not myself) have calculated the numbers and found the most effective starting words by analyzing the frequency of these words in English and the frequency among Wordle answers. Therefore, use these words!

Second consider combinations, particularly at the beginning and at the end. Certain combinations are more frequent than others; for example, SH, ST, CR, and CH appear frequently.

Vowels are important to consider, too, as There are a few exceptions: Wordle answers will include more than one word, but plenty do, and some even include three. An ideal Wordle beginning word could include a couple of words; however, if they’re not, you might consider trying another or two the next time you visit.

Remember that Y is often used as a substitute vowel, making it difficult to remember. It is also in the middle of lots of sentences.

Try out a few possible answers. If you don’t click Enter, you can test various answers to check how they appear on the screen. Input likely letters, plus those you are certain are in the word, and then you can mentally switch one letter to other possibilities. This method has worked for me many times and is especially useful when the word being considered isn’t a clear one (like ISLLET or FJORD).


Wordle was officially launched in October 2021. However, it was launched in June of the same year and was officially launched on the 19th of June, 2022. (You can find my reflections about the five areas Wordle must improve on to continue to be a success the second time.)

It only increased in popularity toward the end of the year. The game became a sensation in January when the world began recognizing its enthralling qualities. It was extremely successful it was The New York Times purchased Wordle for seven figures at the beginning of February, and the game has since become part of the NYT Games.

It’s played through its New York Times Games website here(opens in a new window) and is completely free. Both the NYT and the creator of Wordle, Josh Wardle, have said that the game will be unaffordable. Some believe Wordle has become more difficult after the NYT acquisition. However, it’s not the case.

Wordle is a straightforward game where your objective is to find the word with five letters within six attempts. Each time you attempt to guess it, you’ll know the letters you picked belong to the word and if they’re located in the correct place.

If a word is in the right place, it will turn green. The letter turns yellow if it’s within the word but in the wrong spot. If it’s not in the word, it will turn gray.

There’s only one puzzle every day. Everyone has to complete the same puzzle. The game resets at midnight every day. More information on Wordle is within the How to play Wordle? article.


If you’re in the market for a new game to entertain yourself during your are waiting, we’ve put together an assortment of the most popular Wordle alternative games. We also have a section that focuses on the current Quordle answers since we love the answer and the current Heardle answer since it’s also great.

Other Wordle alternatives are the extremely stressful (but excellent) Squabble and the soccer-themed Who Are Ya?. We also love the geography-based Wordle replica Worldle and the theme of Star Wars SWordle and Mathler.

There are certainly plenty of options after you’ve finished Wordle all day!