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Top 5 Weapons in Call Of Duty – Cold War Season 6

With Black Ops Cold War season 6 coming out, we see a lot of weapon nerfs and a few weapon buffs as well, which are kind of cool. Still, today I want to talk about my top five favorite weapons in Black Ops Cold War, probably the best weapons in the game as well; there is a lot of honorable mentions on this list as well; they’re not all guns that should have made a list by, but a lot of them are damn good weapons, for example, I want to say the Marshals are excellent however they catch a nerf in Marshalls.

The nerf isn’t something small; they got reduced max damage range, reduced firing speed increased range penalty on dragon’s breath, and pretty much unusable.

They’re probably going to get up close, but at least these things aren’t going to dominate that range, and we all know a lot of people love the marshals in this game. So hopefully, this nerf does change it as well. The LC10 also got a reduced headshot multiplier, which kind of sucks; the KSP45 also got increased damage, an increase on the 10.5 Task Force barrel to 8%; that’s pretty good; that’s that a bit of buff right there.

Also, the TEC-9 caught a nerf; it has reduced ads speed, reduced sprint to fire, reduced weapon swap speed; literally, they reduced everything, so we’re going to be looking at the top five best weapons so let’s get straight into it.

Now I will start the list with an honorable mention because I feel like this gun does need to be spoken about, and it is the LC10. The LC10 is a damn good weapon, a lot of people overlook t, but it is so easy; the recoil is easy to use and control. Again, it’s easy to shoot and stuff.

Now the only thing that sucks about this and I didn’t put in the top five is the fact that it did get a headshot multiplier reduction which kind of sucks, but let’s talk about the first weapon I want to put on this list and that is a gun that’s been around since season one, since before season one even came out.


XM4 Loadout Warzone

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A lot of the og guns in this game are going to be on this list because they’re the ones that haven’t been touched in a long time, so this one right here is good; it’s super accurate if you need a gun that has no recoil whatsoever, the XM4 is the gun you want to use, also if you are looking for a weapon that is nice and just does decent damage, not the best damage but easy to control, this is it.

Going down to the next weapon I want to include on this list at the number four spot is going to be the…