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What Is a PR In Warzone Call Of Duty

Many streamers and pros who stream from Warzone constantly speak about their “PR” number. What are the most commonly used number and the most recent records, and what should you look out for. However, they utilize the abbreviation “PR” all the time, but without explaining the meaning of PR In Warzone.

Everybody is trying to draw attention to Warzone. There’s an explanation that Skin Roze is well-liked and why it’s been in the news in recent times – we’ll discuss more details about it in the final part of the article, so keep checking back.

Anyway, there’s no one accusing you of having a desire to kill. It’s fantastic to be able to score many kills to your score. The stats of his are a long-lasting testimony to his great wins.

Speaking of stats, you may have heard people discussing their public image in Warzone recently. If you’re unsure what this means, here’s a brief explanation and a step-by-step guide on how to determine your own.

What Is PR In Warzone Mean?

PR In Warzone is a reference to the term “Personal Record”, which refers to or, that is, your most killings played in a single match. If you’re curious, MuTeX currently holds the record for solo PR with the record-breaking 61 kills. We doubt that yours is that high But who is sure?

Your PR is the best. It’s the most exciting game you’ve ever played. In Warzone, this is measured by the number of kills you can score in a single game.

Top players from Warzone are constantly striving to beat their records to be noticed. It’s an exciting thing to watch, no matter your skill level.

How Do You Check Your PR In Warzone (Personal Record)?

Viewing your PR in the stats section of the game is impossible. You’ll need an external stat tracker program to determine your PR In Warzone.

There are many of them in the wake of Warzone’s popularity, so you should not have difficulty getting the data. WZRanked is an excellent tool for examining all you need to know about your Warzone information.

You’ll be able to see your usual statistics, including K/D and win rate. However, you can also look up who you’ve played against, your record, and other exciting information.

If you are having trouble accessing the website, install a VPN for Chrome with a few easy steps. This lets you change your location and bypass any geographical restrictions the site may impose. Let’s walk through the steps:

  1. Go to;
  2. Input the details of your, PlayStation or Xbox User ID to begin the tracking process;
  3. Be sure to click on “Individual Statistics” and not the “Individual Statistics” tab;
  4. Choose “Modes” on the top bar;
  5. Choose the season you wish to see or click “All” to see all previous seasons.
  6. You’ll find you’ll see your “Max Kills” and “Kills Log” alongside your statistics for each game mode.

WZRanked confirmed that the site is only exact for the current season; the data from previous seasons could be inaccurate.

WZRanked breaks down your records by “Max Kills” (the maximum kills you’ve had in a single game) as well as “Kill Record” (your highest number of kills during an unbeatable game).

It is believed that winning games can affect the record of kills; however, they’ve included both to show the most significant kills you’ve made, regardless of whether you’ve been victorious.

Warzone Roze Skin Drastically Nerfed In Season 4 Patch

Skin Roze has been accused of being “pay-to-win” since its addition to Call of Duty: Warzone. Raven Software nerfed it once time during Season 4. Season 4 update.

CoD Warzone Season 4 is finally airing, and numerous modifications to look into in the most recent update. There are new weapons, including C58 and MG 82, a few new weapons like C58 and the MG 82, several weapon enhancements, and some tweaks.

The developers also dealt with the controversial skin Roze which has caused issues for Warzone players because of its fantastic ability to blend into dark environments. This led to an essential change in Season 4.

The developers attempted to fix this problem with Season 3 by adding more brightness and colours to Warzone; however, this led to various other issues. Therefore, the skin has been updated to boost its visibility.

While the skin’s not been changed cosmetically, it’s much easier to recognize in the latest version, thanks to a lighter shade of colour.

Players can no longer use their erased nature, meaning they will not be seen in dark spots on the maps. This will allow gamers to select the skin they like rather than one that offers the most advantages in battle.