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What Is KDA in Halo Infinite | KDA Ratio Calculation

KDA in Halo Infinite can be described as an online multiplayer statistic within Halo Infinite, and players can learn more about its meaning and how it is calculated with this guide. Halo Infinite offers individual-player and multiplayer modes where you can play with your friends and fellow fans online. KDA replaces the Kill/Death rate statistic that most online shooters utilize with 343 Industries’ latest game in the Halo franchise.

This isn’t the standard number used for the multiplayer game of the franchise game, and some players may not be aware of the acronym. This guide will outline precisely the meaning behind KDA is within Halo: Infinite the game, how it’s calculated, where you can find it in the game’s menus, and how to view the standard KD number.

What is KDA in Halo Infinite?

KDA is a reference to Kill/Death/Assist within Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode. Assists can aid teams in winning matches as much as kills do; it’s an effective method of showing how valuable players can be to team battles. This doesn’t include objective-based games like Capture the Flag.

KDA can be seen within Halo Infinite multiplayer at the end of the match by tapping on “scoreboard” and then moving the left thumbstick. Keep the thumbstick moving to the right for more information about the match–such as the number of kills per minute, headshots, betrayals, and kills.

How is KDA Calculated in Halo Infinite?

How is KDA Calculated in Halo Infinite

KDA is calculated using an equation that reads “Kills + Assists/3) – Deaths”, similar to Halo 5 Guardians. That means that an assist is equivalent to 0.333 of a normal kill. The easiest way to figure out the method of calculating KDA is by dividing all assists by three, adding this number to your kill total, and then subtracting all deaths of players. For instance, ten kills, Six Assists, and five deaths equal 7 KDA.

All kinds of kills are included in the calculation, including those that are not as obvious, like the possibility of a kill with the threat sensor within Halo: Infinite. Suicides also count as death for a player and are common in multiplayer maps with high drops.

How to Check KD in Halo Infinite

How is KDA Calculated in Halo Infinite

Players wishing to view the more well-known KD number should use an alternative site from a third party such as HaloTracker. The site is not associated or connected to 343 Industries; however, it can provide players with additional information about their online Spartan games, including winning percentage, average damage, and how many headshots was made during the online gaming. The information is filterable by type of match and match type.

The statistics of other players are also available when the Gamertag is identified. This will allow average players to realize how excellent the pros are and aid in verifying assertions like that of the Halo Infinite player who has won 100 free-for-all matches in consecutive days.

Halo Infinite is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.