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What Is The Average KD In Warzone Call Of Duty

In the case of Call of Duty: Warzone, the Kill to Death Ratio, also known as K/D, is among the most well-known stats. We’ve provided a thorough breakdown of the stats so you can see how your Average KD In Warzone ranks against others.

A delightful feature of Warzone is the ability to rack scores of kills together with your teammates to achieve victory. When you have the highest K/D the same, you’ll be able to court the player with the best K/D and then evaluate yourself against the most powerful Warzone players.

Many players wonder whether their K/D’s are good or even if it is considered an acceptable Warzone K/D. They search for what they are looking for when they compare it to. Here’s precisely how your K/D appears, thanks to an intelligent Reddit user.

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  • Is there an average Warzone K/D?
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In the context of a Kill to Death Ratio, K/D measures the number of enemies you’ve killed and the number of times you’ve been killed. The higher the K/D, the you’ll be playing better.

We’ll thoroughly explain how your K/D compares against the rest of the Warzone players because of Reddit user TheguyWithaCamera. The OP took a look at around 100 million Warzone accounts and calculated the K/D ratios of each.


According to theguywithacamera’s statistics that the average Warzone K/D rate is 0.92. This means that the typical Warzone gamer loses more often than they gain kills. This is a possibility, mainly because of the nature of luck in Battle Royale games.

What is your opinion on how you compare your performance to the players? CODWarzone may surprise you, as I’ve looked at Warzone data.

The players will be able to see how the typical Warzone K/D rate is approximately 1.00, which means that a player who has this statistic has one kill for every death, which isn’t too bad for an action-packed battle royale game such as Warzone and where you can be lost within the quick blink of an eye.

Deaths caused by your elimination or a member of your team who crashes the helicopter are counted towards your K/D even though the death wasn’t caused due to losing to an opponent player. Also, getting into a game and dying an instant death and then dropping you Gulag is considered two deaths. And this is indeed the case for all, including the top actors.


In comparison to 1,00, when compared to 1,00, a Warzone K/D that is significantly lower than 1,75 can be considered to be below the average. If your K/D is less than 0.4 is considered in the lower 20 percent of players.

But, if you’ve got an average K/D, you shouldn’t be in a position to play high-kill sports continuously.

Make sure you’re running the best weapons and Perks. Learn, practice, and you’ll get better quickly. But, Warzone is a game, and you must focus on being in the game in the final hours of each day.

WHAT IS Average KD In Warzone?

You’re among the upper 10% who have K/D above 1.00, like 1.5 up to 2.0. If you’re at or above 2.08, You’re above average and within the top 1 per cent.

In some instances, there may be K/Ds ranging from 3.57 to 5, which puts them at the top 0.1 percent. They’re usually skilled players or talented creative content makers, don’t get fooled by the fact that your score isn’t in line.

Reddit user also stated Reddit user also said that a user with a 6.0 K/D or higher might be hacking.


If you visit the Barracks and know how their scores stack with the other players, check out the game.

  • Start Warzone
  • Cycle through the Barracks tab after you have gone through the menu of games with tabs.
  • Choose the option Record, then choose the Record option.
  • In this instance, you’ll need to choose which statistics you’d like to see as part of your ratio K/D.

It is also possible to visit websites like WZRanked, for a comprehensive analysis of your statistics, including the Gulag winning ratio and the streamers you’ve faced.

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