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Which Colorblind Mode Is Best For Fortnite?

Although it could appear to be an obvious requirement that Fortnite players with a particular type of color blindness need to make use of their Colorblind Mode settings that are compatible with their situation, The competitive game utilizes Fortnite’s Color Blind settings to get an advantage over the other players.

Adjusting your Colorblind Mode and Color Blind Strength could help spot players from a distance much more accessible and help you quickly see when there is a storm. Although the human eye’s characteristics vary between people, many professional players have found the Protanope mode in the range of 5 to 7 is the best.

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Of course, each player will have their preference of settings, varying these settings to alter the Color Blind Mode and Color Blind Strength, as well as the brightness and User Interface Contrast. These adjustments help them discern opponents from dark shadows, improve the degree to which weapons of various quality “pop” on the screen, and so on.

Although many players require color blindness settings to play Fortnite, it is awe-inspiring that some people exploit their blindness to gain competitive advantages. It’s similar to any other game in that players attempt to get every benefit they can over the other players.

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