Why Does Sellen Transform Elden Ring


Sellen is an NPC from Elden Ring that forms close kinships with you. After you complete her questline, Sellen transforms into a huge ball-shaped creature. It is both frightening and mysterious. Why Does Sellen Transform Elden Ring?

Sellen’s Story

To understand why Sellen Transforms Elden Ring, you must first learn her story and motivations.

Sellen is a sorceress and used to study in Raya Lucaria. Master Azur, one of the most prominent sorcerers at the academy, taught her.

It turns out that Azur’s learning will be the reason she is exiled from the academy in the end.


Master Azur was Sellen’s first teacher. He was the first teacher to sellen. He was also a grandmaster at the academy. This title is reserved for those most skilled and knowledgeable in the glinstone arts. Master Azur was also fascinated by the primeval current.

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What is the Primeval Current?

The current primeval powers Glinstone sorceries. It is magic and power that comes from the vast space. It is powerful and majestic. It is dark, scary, and mysterious.

It is, however, the source of glintstone magic. Raya Lucaria considers it to be the most powerful form of magic. However, it is strictly forbidden to pursue the primeval current.

Master Azur and Master Lusat were both fascinated with the primeval current. They both became enthralled by the primeval current’s nature when they first saw it. They continued to pursue it, creating magic spells out of it.

Master Azur created the Comet Azur sorceries and Master Lusat the Stars of Ruin from the power of a primeval current. These two sorceries are among the most powerful in the game.


The academy soon learned about the sorcerers’ quest for the primeval current. Both grandmasters were exiled.

Sellen’s Banishment from Raya Lucaria

While Sellen was at the academy, she became equally fascinated by the primeval current. Azur inspired her, or he drove her to restore the primeval current in glintstone magic.

Sellen eventually learned about this forbidden tradition. She was so interested in this forbidden tradition that she obtained the Primal Glinstone.

A sorcerer can place their soul in the Primal Glintstone. After their original body dies, they can transplant the Primal Glontstone into another body to give them new life.


Many people find this practice distasteful. This is something even Sellen admits to. This is just a glimpse at what a sorcerer could do if they could control the primeval currents of glintstone magic.

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in a Circle?

Like her predecessors, the academy eventually adopted Sellen’s methods. This led to her exile from the academy.

The Tarnished Warrior:

She set out to find her powerful predecessors after Sellen was exiled from Raya Luciaria. Due to her body’s limitations, Sellen could not pursue this goal.

Sellen is the first person you meet in the basement at the Waypoint Ruins. Here you can learn sorceries and become her apprentice.

After you find Master Azur’s body at Mt. Gelmir and the Comet Azur spell, you can return to Sellen, and she will tell you the story.


Sellen will reveal that she was exiled from the academy because of her efforts to restore the primeval current. Sellen will also inform you that she is still determined to follow that path. She asks you, but not forcefully, to be her apprentice.

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After accepting it, she will tell you to find Master Lusat and seek out her physical form. The Primal Glinstone is then taken from Sellen’s body and placed on another. This frees Sellen from the restrictions of the academy.

Sellen, now freed from the clutches of Masters Azur & Lusat, can return to the academy with the bodies and memories of her former masters. This was to expel the Carian royals and restore the primeval current. She has achieved her original goal.

Sellen’s Transformation

With your help, Sellen can defeat Jerren and make it to Raya Lucaria Grand Library. She will tell you that Rennala is no longer Queen of Caria and that the academy can now start honing the primeval current.

She will also ask you to remain at the academy with her, even though she knows it is impossible to fulfill your destiny as the Elden Lord. Instead, she will ask you to be the Elden Lord and promise that the academy will swear allegiance.

As it turns out, the practice of primeval current was prohibited for good reasons.

You’ll find Rennala at her usual spot when you return to Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Sellen is nowhere to be seen.

This is until you see the side of the room, where you will find a huge ball of masks clumped together. After you have had a chance to interact with the giant mass of abomination, you will realize that it is Sellen herself.

The “School of Graven Masters” is what Sellen becomes.

What is a School of Graven Mages, and How Does It Work?

A School of Graven Mages refers to using the primeval current to bring together the bodies of sorcerers and create a seed of stars. This nightmare-making creation haunts the academy today. It may be why the academy banned the practice of primeval current.

Sellen did this when she brought in Master Azur’s and Master Lusat’s bodies.

If you look closely at the School of Graven Mages’ masks, you will see Sellen’s mask mixed with those of Lusat, Azur, and, presumably, other sorcerers.

Sellen was seeking enlightenment from the primeval current. It showed her why something so unknown should not be trusted.

Sellen, along with her masters, used the power and potential of the primeval current to become a star seed. She ended up becoming a magical abomination.

This is not what Sellen had in mind. Sellen’s goal was to run the academy and perfect the ancient current. Instead, she was left paralyzed, unable to speak, and possibly, unconscious.

Sellen eventually learned why the academy prohibited the pursuit of ancient current. It was something she had to learn firsthand.

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