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Why Does Warzone Keep Copying Add On

The company has released the big Call of Duty Season 2 Reloaded patch; Activision has also stuck some players in a Warzone Keep Copying Add On loop.

From what’s been published on the internet, players of COD can’t play or do other than try to install Modern Warfare and its Battle Royale spin-off.

The size of the file is approximately 28GB. It usually comes with a wait time of 30 minutes for anyone who wants to go back to their games.

The issue is on PS4 The community has been sharing some fixes; it doesn’t seem to be any way to prevent this issue.

Some players believe it’s linked to The Modern Warfare disc, while others think it could have something to do with installed Campaign Packs.

One player says: “Go into your game and see if all data packs are installed; the most recent update had them all removed for me. After I restored them, it did not happen anymore.

Another user adds: “This only started happening after I deleted and installed all these data pack. This will be my next step, which is installing them all to see what happens.”

“I encountered an issue with copy add-ons, and I was able to clean the disc thoroughly and solved the problem for me.

“This was the case with my son three days in three days. He was playing it off his modern Warfare disc. I removed and installed the Warzone digitally, which appears to be working perfectly.

“That could be something that you take note of it could be an issue with the new game files and the disc. However, I still play MP, so it’s impossible for me or some players.”

At present, there seems to be no solution that works for everyone. This leaves some in a position of being unable to play Warzone as well as Modern Warfare.

This the year, Activision offered the ability to download and deinstall various data packs to help decrease The size of Modern Warfare.

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Below, you will see the complete list of steps to locate these options to use on PS4 or PS5 consoles:

  • Launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Once you are on your main menu, click Options.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and choose the Game Installs.
  • Make sure you highlight any content you would like to delete.
  • Data Pack 1 is required to gain access to Campaign, Multiplayer, and Spec Ops
  • Campaign Pack 1 (Xbox One only) Required to play Campaign
  • Campaign Pack 2 (Xbox One Only) Required to play Campaign
  • Multiplayer Pack (Xbox One only) is required to play Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer Pack 2 – must be purchased to play Multiplayer
  • Special Ops Pack – necessary to participate in Special Ops
  • Special Ops Pack 2 – essential for playing Special Ops
  • Survival Pack Required for playing Special Ops Survival
  • Choose Uninstall, Then click Confirm.


There is a fan-made solution shared on the internet that should be considered by those who are still affected, but it is worth noting that it’s left to Activision to develop a proper fix for this new issue:

“You must wait until the very first time. However, once you’re into the game, head onto the MW panel, choose “Campaign”, and then it’ll ask you to download various packs before you can access the features listed above.

“Download “Campaign Pack 1” and “Campaign Pack 2” and then restart the game. These should be tiny files, around 1 for each (roughly).

“During the most recent update, the game automatically decided to deinstall several packs you may have downloaded before to free up space. The packs that they removed caused this issue. I also suggest downloading the texture packs included in this assortment… When I was back in the game for the very first time after not downloading these packs, the map looked very funky.

“It removed around 150 GB of this pack even though I had more than 3TB free within my HDD.

Addition: “Include the special ops pack at the bottom of the. It’s just one megabyte, and will eliminate an add-on pop-up at the start of the game. However, it’s an easy copy, but it can be it’s annoying.”

What is the reason my Warzone Keep Copying Add On on PS4? 

There are various reasons that your Warzone Keep Copying Add On and games to your PS4. It’s difficult to determine the problem without further details. If you’re having this issue with several games, it could be worthwhile to check whether Warzone is using any of the different games’ extensions to serve as templates.

How do I stop Warzone copy add-ons? 

There’s no universal solution to this issue since the best method of controlling Warzone Keep Copying Add On could differ according to the particular copy add-on. However, some general suggestions to prevent copy add-ons from affecting your gaming experience include:

  • Be sure to have the most recent version, and any relevant updates installed.
  • You can disable any copy add-ons that you don’t wish to utilize.

How can I get rid of the copy Add-on Modern Warfare PS4? 

  • Add-on copy Modern Warfare is software automatically installed after the game is installed. To get rid of it, you must follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the PlayStation(r)4 System’s Settings menu, then select System.
  • Select Applications, and then choose Manage Applications.
  • Scroll down, and then choose Modern Warfare from the list of apps.
  • Press the “X” at the upper right corner of the screen to end the program.

What is the reason my PS4 game keeps copying add-ons? 

There are many reasons why your PS4 game copies add-ons. One possible explanation could be that the PS4 will try to utilize the same save file for add-ons just as it is in the game itself. If you’re playing the game’s story and want to try an add-on, the game may try to play with an identical save format. You’ll have to create another save file for the add-on when this occurs.

How can I fix the copy add glitch? 

Paste the content into the new document, and then create a brand new document.

Does PS4 copy more quickly in the rest mode? 

There isn’t a definitive answer to this issue since it is dependent on the particular software and hardware configuration of each PS4. Some users have complained the PS4 was able to copy games and files faster when they are in normal mode than when they’re running normally.

How do I make my PS4 copy more efficient? 

There isn’t a universal answer to this question because the speeds of the PS4 copy will differ based on the size and type of the file you’re moving, the amount of data transferred, and your internet connection. But, some suggestions to improve the speed of your PS4 copy more efficiently include using a more robust internet connection by using USB 3.0 cables instead of a USB 3.0 cable instead of a USB 2.0 cable and transferring files in smaller pieces instead of in large chunks.

What are the advantages of copying on PS4? 

Copying files onto the PS4 hard drive doesn’t seem to have any effect, per a Sony representative. Copying games downloaded from your PS4 onto the USB drive works. However, you might need to download them again if you lose the original copy.

How do you remove an add-on on PS4?

  • To remove an add-on from PlayStation 4:
  • You can go through the “Settings,” or “Settings” menu on your PlayStation 4 console.
  • Choose “System” from the menu choices.
  • Select “Add-ons.”
  • Select the add-on you want to remove and then hit the “X” button on the controller.
  • It will then be removed from your computer.

What is the reason my PS4 is stuck in copying the update files? 

Several factors can cause your PS4 to be stuck when copying the update file. The most frequent explanation is that your PS4 isn’t connected to an internet connection, which could stop updating from happening. If you’re having difficulty connecting to the web, be sure you have all the necessary cables connected, and your router is operating well. Another reason could be that you’re PS4 runs out of space on its hard drive.

How can we get rid of copying content from games from PS5? 

There isn’t a single method to stop the copying of games on PS5 However; you can take some steps to prevent it from happening. First, ensure you’re running the most current version of PS5 System Software. This will ensure that your system is secure from copy-cats. In addition, ensure that you protect the PS5 device with a secure password and keep your information saved on a secure device.

How can I fix multiplayer issues on Modern Warfare? 

There isn’t an all-inclusive solution to this issue since the answer will differ according to the particular problem you’re facing when playing multiplayer. But, some general suggestions to help you include:

  • Verifying your network’s connection and resolving any issues that may arise.
  • Rebooting your computer if necessary.
  • Installing and checking for updates to your program.
  • Ensure all of your game’s settings are in order and include your resolution settings and graphics settings.

Do games copy faster when in the rest mode? 

There isn’t an answer definitive to this question because it depends upon the type of game played, its development, and other aspects. However, in general terms, it is accepted that games are faster to copy in active mode than in rest mode. This is because active mode requires more incredible code execution and a higher risk of error.

How can I speed up my copying? 

Here are some tips to speed up your copying:

  • Use the keyboard’s shortcut keys: You can cut down on time by using keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can hit Ctrl+C for copying and Ctrl+V to copy.
  • Please make use of the clipboard. It is a helpful tool to help you cut and paste text in a snap. The clipboard can be used to copy text copied from one file to the next or copy and paste content from one website to your browser.

Do games play on PS4 cause downloads to be slower? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this query since it varies based on the downloaded game. In general, gaming on PS4 does not appear to slow downloads.