Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Will COD Points Transfer to Modern Warfare 2

As you may have guessed, Warzone 2 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and it’s set to be entirely free for players to enjoy. With the recent announcement of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, players are contemplating what happens with their COD points, and a question like Will COD Points Transfer to Modern Warfare 2 has been up in the air since those points will come at a high cost to players because they have to be bought using real cash.

This is particularly relevant today because Modern Warfare 2 will be available on Steam. It’s the first time a Call of Duty game has been released on Steam since 2017, as kids say, an enormous deal.

For those who have played Call of Duty on PC during the last couple of years, the only alternative is to play on Many will think about switching to Steam in the future. What impacts will this impact your position? Let’s see.

Will COD Points Transfer To Warzone 2 And Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

When you place an order on one or the other, You might be worried about what will happen to those COD points. The answer, it appears, is contingent on whether or not you’re using the same platform that you’ve used previously.

Let’s explain. Twitter user @TheNanikoss is an avid Call of Duty data miner/leaker who posted a message that claimed to be coming from the Activision Player Support agent.

In the email, the game’s agent mentions, “please be informed that cod points are saved on the platform account…If you have Call Of Duty Points on Battlenet, they will not carry over as you play the game on Steam and vice versa”.

Also, If you’re thinking of switching between platforms, do not plan to take your points. It is best to spend them.

The situation is unclear if you intend to play the same game using the same platform. The past has seen points being transferred between different games. It would be surprising if that were not the case, as long as you use the same platform.

Although this could be grueling for many, it all depends on the issue of whether you’d prefer to maintain these points or choose an alternative platform to the one you currently use. With the launch of Modern Warfare 2 scheduled for October, you will have some time to make decisions.

How Do Call Of Duty Points Work?

They are simple to comprehend. They can be used to purchase cosmetics for your character or a Battle Pass. They are available for purchase through the game’s menu or console storefronts.

As is often the scenario, when you buy points, the more significant the number of points you purchase, the more value you have in exchange for the money they are. This is why some players could have thousands of points in their accounts, with hundreds of dollars worth.

In addition, as we stated previously, points have always been associated with your Activision account, which means they can be transferred across titles. If the information provided by @TheNanikoss is correct, this is not the case; it could only be applied if you’ve used the same platform before.

In a certain way, it makes sense. In the end, PC players haven’t had access to COD on Steam for the last five years, and there was low demand from gamers for points that could be transferred across platforms.

However, things could be changed, and it could be that points will always be tied to Activision accounts rather than being platform-specific. We’ll always notify you when there is any change to the rules.

What About Warzone Progression And Skins?

A few players are also asking whether their Warzone progress and skins will be transferred to Warzone 2 once it is released.

The latest version of “Warzone” will reboot player advancement and inventories. This means the current skins of players and blueprints for weapons won’t be transferred to the new game.

That is to say, players will begin with a new game, which is an entirely different experience than Warzone.

It’s not clear what the reason is. There are probably compatibility problems with the game being developed, and the current one is why this decision was taken.

While this might be unsatisfying for some, the innovative features and concepts will hopefully make up for the loss.

Do you know that players are banned from Warzone as well as other COD games for using VPNs?