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Will PUBG Sue Super People | PUBG vs Super People

Will PUBG Sue Super People | PUBG vs Super People. Recently, it was made public in the name of Krafton that the PC and console versions of PUBG will be available for free play starting the 12th of January in 2022. The game’s creator has decided to offer the game available for free play due to this reason so that they can get an increasing number of users to try PUBG PC. But does this move of the developers help expand the number of players playing PUBG?

Many people are thrilled to learn this news as shortly they’ll be able to play PUBG PC without purchasing, but will it be worth it to play five-year-old games in the year 2022? PUBG PC was launched on the 23rd of March, 2017, i.e., after three months, the game will have completed five years. With time, PUBG PC has become an older generation game, and the gameplay, mechanics, and visuals of PUBG PC appear outdated compared to the likes of Apex Legends, COD Warzone, and Super People.

In the present, if a game has the most resemblance to PUBG PC within the Battle Royale category, then the game that is most similar to PUBG PC can be described as Super People. The beta game Super People has been released, and the good news is that players enjoy the game a lot. One of the main reasons players are enjoying Super People is that Super People game is also that the Super People game is like the PUBG PC game. However, the primary reason for the success of Super People Super People game seems to be its rapid pace.

On the other hand, the most significant drawback to PUBG game is a slow speed because many players become bored playing PUBG, but yet the most crucial benefit of this Super People game is its speedy pace that ensures players are never bored when playing the game, and at times, players are not even allowed to breathe. It is also fast-paced. Another great feature that is unique to Super People Super People game is its capabilities that make the game more thrilling.

While the concept was to make the PC and console versions of PUBG free to play for quite a while, the plan was implemented after Super People was released. Super People game is becoming popular with the public and will launch soon. Currently, the console and PC versions of PUBG are free. It appears that the creator of PUBG is aware of the goodwill in Super People, and now they are considering Super People as his biggest rival.

You can see the potential to be a part of Super People from the fact that the creator of the PUBG PC game is looking at Super People as a worthy adversary, and they may have decided to make PUBG accessible for free. In the present situation, it appears that making PUBG free to play is not in favor of PUBG since players are used to playing fast-paced games such as COD Warzone or Apex Legends. Super People is also going to be a fast-paced game due to that. However, some players might not like the slow-paced games like PUBG right now.

In light of the issues mentioned in this article and the rising popularity of Super People, there is the possibility of Super People will replace PUBG soon. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the box below.

It is nearly impossible to patent or copyright the game.

Patents can be granted for a specific technology. For instance, a game developer could copyright protect a game engine or a sure way to render water. Still, no one can copyright water or any representation of water in games.

Copyright protection is a possibility for an artwork. Most developers copyright their logos, and most artworks are copyright protected, which means you cannot duplicate the look and feel of (many variants from) Lara Croft and use her character in games of your own.

But you can’t patent a gameplay design. You cannot patent a first-person shooter, platforming, action-adventure, or even RPG.

LOL basically copied all the things DOTA did.

First-person shooters all have the same gameplay.

PUBG does not have the legal basis to sue any person who creates a Battle Royale gameplay style.


Nothing distinctive about PUBG didn’t originate from another game or type of game. It’s a collection of known tropes and concepts already within the gaming industry.

The only thing PUBG might contemplate suing over is copyrighted material they’ve created. Their character and setting are so familiar that it doesn’t even have a copyright claim.

The name is so generic that it isn’t even a trademark.

“player unknown” ? is a term used to describe a general phrase. “battlegrounds” as if there aren’t battlegrounds from billions of other games before?

The PUBG game is general gaming that has come to life. It has nothing exclusive to file a claim against anyone else. It has a list of 1,000 games before it, and it ought to be grateful for the ideas it adapted from.