Worldle: New Geography-Based Wordle Alternative

The Worldle is another addition to the growing list of best Wordle alternatives. This puzzle game is highly challenging and will test your geographic knowledge. It may also do your search for the Worldle answer today.

Worldle’s concept is straightforward. You are given the outline of a country, and you have six chances to find the right location. You are not provided with clues in the form of correct letters like the original Wordle. Instead, you are given the geographical proximity of the target country.

For example, let’s say that the Worldle of the day is Czechia, and your first guess is Denmark. The correct country would be 821km away. An arrow will help you determine the direction of the target country relative to your guess. In our example, Denmark is located to the northwest of Czechia. A proximity percentage is also displayed to show how close you are to the correct answer.

Your goal is to triangulate the country using these clues. This assumes you can’t simply work out the country’s unique outline. Many people will likely get the Worldle in one when Italy arrives.

You can choose to have the country’s image randomly rotated or hidden entirely if you find it too easy. This is a Worldle mode that makes it more difficult. Be aware that Worldle will require nearly comprehensive knowledge about the world if you want to play it with difficulty increased.

This geography-based puzzler may not be the best Wordle alternative. Absurdle is a variant of the original Wordle puzzler. Or Squabble, which is a fast and very entertaining battle royale version. Mathler swaps letters to solve tricky numerical equations.

Wordle and its spin-off games have been a massive success over the last few weeks. But it has not all been easy sailing for the popular web game. The game’s recent transfer to New York Times saw players lose their streaks and stats. This has caused severe heartache for some of the most competitive players.