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Yudia Adventure Tome Guide – Lost Ark

Find all the Yudia Adventure Tome Collectible Locations! Look over this map to discover every location within this region of Lost Ark.


Yudia Adventure Tome: All Collectibles

In this post, you’ll discover an explanation and maps of every one of them. Lost Ark Adventure Tome Collectibles in the Yudia Region. It is located in the Yudia Region and contains these maps:

  • Saland Hill
  • Ozhorn Hill

Collectibles You Will Need

The Adventure Tome is another collecting adventure inside Lost Ark, which is like that of Mokoko Seeds we cover in depth. These guides will discover everything you require to find the location of collectibles from The Adventure Tome. This includes:

  • Hidden Stories
  • Unique Monsters
  • Vistas
  • Field Bosses
  • Cooking Items
  • Ingredients

It would help if you also explored each dungeon once on normal difficulty and then once on the difficult difficulty to finish your adventures tomes. Furthermore, you’ll have to take on monsters within the area to get unique collectibles. They aren’t restricted to specific regions, so there won’t be a map of these random drops.


Saland Hill Adventure Tome Collectibles

On the Saland Hill Map, which you can locate at:

  • 13 Hidden Stories
  • 5 Unique Monsters
  • 1 Field Boss
  • 3 Food
  • 2 Ingredients
  • 2 Vista Locations
  • 1 Dungeon to Complete (Morai Ruins)
  • 9 Mokoko Seeds (Covered In This Link)

Ozhorn Hill Adventure Tome Collectibles

On the Ozhorn Hill Map, which you can locate at:

  • 1 Hidden Story
  • 6 Unique Monsters
  • 1 Ingredient
  • 1 Vista Location
  • 1 Dungeon to Complete (Sapira Cave)
  • 8 Mokoko Seeds (Covered In This Link)

Map Credits

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